Israeli Army Injures 353 Palestinians Near Nablus

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has reported that Israeli soldiers injured, on Friday evening, 353 Palestinians, including one who suffered life-threatening wounds, at Beita junction, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The PRCS said the soldiers attacked protesters with live fire, gas bombs, rubber-coated steel bullets, and concussion grenades.

It added that the soldiers also fired at its medics and ambulances during the protests, hindering the efforts to provide first aid to wounded Palestinians, and wounded several volunteer medics.

The PRCS stated that 283 Palestinians suffered the effects of tear gas inhalation, 54 were shot with rubber-coated steel bullets, 23 suffered burns from gas bombs and concussion grenades, in addition to 15 who were injured after falling while the soldiers were chasing them.

The Palestinians were protesting the ongoing Israeli violations, including the illegal confiscation of their lands for the benefit of illegal colonies and outposts.

The nonviolent procession was called for after illegal Israeli colonists installed 20 mobile homes or atop Abu Sbeih Mountain to establish their outpost on private Palestinian lands.

The weekly procession came a day after Ahmad Zahi Bani-Shamsa, 16, was laid to rest after succumbing to the critical injury he sustained in the head after being hit by live ammunition shot by Israeli soldiers as he protested against the construction of the new colony on his town’s land.

In related news, the soldiers attacked another procession in Beit Dajan village, east of Nablus, wounding two Palestinians with rubber-coated steel bullets and causing many to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation.

In addition, Israeli colonists attacked many Palestinian cars on the Jenin-Nablus roads, causing damage.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Army Injures A Young Man Near Ramallah

Israeli soldiers injured, on Friday evening, a young Palestinian man during a protest against the illegal colonies in Nabi Saleh village, northwest of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

Medical sources said the Palestinian, 20, was injured by fragments from live rounds in the arm and abdomen.

The soldiers also fired gas bombs and concussion grenades, causing many to suffer the effects of tear gas inhalation.

In related news, Israeli soldiers injured 353 Palestinians, including one who suffered life-threatening wounds, at Beita junction, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Israeli Soldiers Abduct A Palestinian In Qalqilia

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Friday at night, a former political prisoner at the entrance of Qalqilia city, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian, a former political prisoner identified as Ghassan Adnan al-Atrash, 46, from Jenin city, in northern West Bank, was abducted at a military roadblock at the entrance of Qalqilia.

The soldiers stopped his car as he, along with his wife and three children, were heading back home after visiting relatives in Qalqilia, in northern West Bank.

It is worth mentioning that al-Atrash is a former political prisoner, who was held by Israeli for more than two years.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Israeli Forces Detain Several Palestinians Across the West Bank

Israeli forces detained, from Thursday evening to Friday dawn, a total of seven Palestinians, including six from Salem village and one from Tubas city, the Palestinian WAFA News Agency reported.

Soldiers invaded the northern West Bank village of Salem, east of Nablus, rifled through the homes of many Palestinians, and detaining six civilians.

Meanwhile, on Thursday evening, special forces entered Tubas city in the northern occupied West Bank, southeast of Nablus and detained one Palestinian, the Director Palestine Prisoners’ Society (PPS) confirmed.

Early morning Thursday, the army detained nine Palestinian civilians, and injured four others in separate incidents, WAFA reports.

Three Palestinian teenagers were detained by the army from the al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah city, in the central West Bank, soldiers opened fire towards civilians protesting the incursion.

A group of undercover agents, on Thursday, abducted two teens from their homes in Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood, in Silwan town, occupied East Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center (Silwanic) published a video of the assault and abduction of one of the Palestinian teenagers, identified as Mohammad Ali Al-Ghoul.

The army invaded two towns in the southern Hebron district, detaining two Palestinians, including a former prisoner.

In the northern West Bank, soldiers stormed the Jenin refugee camp and Jenin city, and opened fire at youths who protested.

Four injuries were recorded, all of whom were evacuated to hospital for treatment.

One Palestinian was detained by the army from Kafr Dan town, northwest of Jenin city.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Israeli Forces Suppress Palestinian Protest at Al-Aqsa Mosque

After Friday prayers, Muslim Palestinians, gathered at the Al-Aqsa mosque, in occupied East Jerusalem, to express their rejection of the openly racist behavior of Israelis who participated in Tuesday’s inflammatory ‘Flag March’.

Israeli forces suppressed the demonstrations and injured nine civilians, including a journalist and a child, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

Thousands of worshipers were violently dispersed from Bab Al Amoud or Damascus Gate, when the army fired rubber-coated steel rounds, teargas and stun grenades at the crowd, Quds News Network reported.

Two Palestinian protestors were detained by Israeli forces, neither their identity or location were known at the time of this report.

Hundreds of Israelis marched in the occupied city of East Jerusalem, on Tuesday, at the annual ‘Flag March’ and calling for “Death to arabs” and “May your village burn”.

The Israelis shouted insults against the muslim prophet Muhammad and threatened Palestinians that “a second Nakba is coming soon”.

Photos | Israeli occupation forces raid the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied #Jerusalem and assault worshipers, today.


(Source / 19.06.2021)

Following outrage among Palestinians, PA cancels scandalous Pfizer doses swap

In a vaccine swap scandal, the Palestinian Authority would receive 1 Million expired doses in return for new ones, which would be sent to ‘Israel’

The PA announced canceling the scandalous swap deal after it has sparked outrage among Palestinians

Ramallah (QNN)- The Palestinian Authority’s Prime Minister, Muhammad Ishtayyeh, instructed the Minister of Health, Mai Keileh, to cancel a Pfizer vaccine doses swap deal with the occupation state after it has sparked outrage among Palestinians.

During a press conference, the spokesperson of the government, Ibrahim Melhem, said the Ministry of Health examines the vaccine doses and found out that they have expired this June, which violates the deal, which was reached between the PA and ‘Israel’, and mediated by Pfizer firm.

Picture obtained by QNN, showing that the first patch of the Pfizer vaccine doses, sent by ‘Israel’, are expired

The Minister of Health, Mai Keileh, has said in an urgent press conference in Ramallah today that specialized crews examined the vaccine doses and found that they don’t match specifications and metrics, and that’s why the government decided to send them back.

Keileh stressed that the deal was made with Pfizer firm and that the doses were not a donation from the occupation state. She added that the doses were supposed to expire in the next July or August.

Reports about transferring up to 1.4 million doses of soon-to-expire Pfizer -BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine to the Palestinian Authority, in return for an identical quantity the Palestinians expect to receive later this year, had sparked outrage among Palestinians.

The Israeli prime minister, Naftali Bennett, said Friday the swap was approved because the occupation state has a sufficient supply of vaccines to meet current needs.

Israel has faced criticism that it has been working hard to deny native Palestinians access to the vaccine.

About 55% of Israelis have been given both doses as part of a mass vaccination campaign after the occupation state obtained millions of doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Meanwhile,only 1% of Palestinians in the West Bank have received the vaccination, according to the Ministry of Health.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Old woman with special needs wounded in settlers’ attack on Hebron

Occupied Hebron (QNN)- Israeli settlers attacked houses in Al Tawaneh town and threw stones at them, wounding an old woman with special needs.

Israeli settlers attacked houses in the village, in Masafer Yatta in southern Nablus. An old woman with special needs has been wounded while the Israeli army arrested a young man.

The settlers came from the illegal settlement of Havat Ma’on. Israeli soldiers were protecting them during their attack.

The old woman has been identified as Fatima Rib’i (70 years old). She was sitting in the yard of her house when settlers attacked her.

In the same vein, the Israeli army arrested Amer Issa Awad during the settlers attack.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Pictures| Gallery on Gaza houses rubble honoring 97 children killed by ‘Israel’

Gallery on the rubble of houses in Gaza, honoring children killed during the Israeli wars on Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- A youth initiative in Gaza held a gallery on the rubble of houses, honoring 97 children, killed by Israeli strikes.

“If we stopped dreaming” initiative organized the gallery on the rubble of the Saqqas’ house. Israeli airstrikes have completely demolished the house during the latest aggression on Gaza.

The gallery contained pictures of 97 children that the Israeli strikes killed. Also, figures of an Israeli jet throwing a bomb and keys, representing the right of return.

The house was a four-story building, which used to be the home to nearly 70 citizens including women ad children. All of them are now homeless after Israeli strikes demolished the building.

The recent Israeli aggressions on Gaza and the West Bank left 290 victims, including 69 children, 40 women, and 17, as well as, over 8900 injuries.

The aggression also left thousands of civilian buildings demolished, making thousands of Gazans homeless.

A Palestinian youth initiative in #Gaza held a gallery on the rubble of houses bombed by Israeli airstrikes, displaying pictures of the 97 Palestinian children who were killed by ‘Israel’ during its latest aggression against the besieged Strip.

May be an image of 4 people and outdoors
May be an image of 5 people and outdoors
May be an image of 3 people, child, people standing and outdoors
May be an image of 9 people and outdoors

(Source / 19.06.2021)

Hamas denounces not including Israel in ‘List of Shame’

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” denounced the failure to include the Israeli occupation state in the “list of shame” issued by the United Nations for organizations and countries that violate children’s rights in conflict areas.

In a press statement Saturday, Hamas regretted the insistence of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres not to include “Israel” in the annual list issued in his name. However, it bears responsibility for many crimes against Palestinian children, including killing, robbery, imprisonment, kidnapping, and deprivation of many basic rights, and the absence of an impartial and transparent investigation.

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Hamas stated that “Reasonably the latest crimes of the Israeli occupation represented in the killing of 66 children in Gaza during the recent aggression, and the daily scene of killing children and dragging them at the crossings in the West Bank is sufficient alone to include Israel on the ‘List of Shame.’

Hamas stressed that this biased position in favor of the Israeli occupation at the expense of justice and the victims’ rights not only exempts it from punishment for the crimes it committed but also gives it the green light to continue its crimes and violations of all international laws.

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It called on the Secretary-General to correct this grave mistake, add the name of the Israeli occupation to the list of shame, and even activate all international tools to hold them accountable for their crimes and protect Palestinian children.

(Source / 19.06.2021)

AMAN calls for commission of investigation into deal concluded with “Israel” to supply expired vaccines

The vaccine exchange deal with the Israeli occupation authorities again shows the lack of transparency in managing public affairs in general and managing the coronavirus pandemic in particular. 

It is illogical that the first source of information in an important issue related to the health of Palestinian citizens is the Israeli occupation. 

It is the responsibility of the Palestinian government, represented by the Ministry of Health, to announce the details of the deal before concluding it to enhance the principle of transparency.

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The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) has called for enhancing transparency during the emergency period as it is the most critical tools for immunizing the process of managing the distribution of vaccine from any abuse or exploitation, by publishing the details of all deals made between governments and suppliers in general, and vaccine suppliers in particular. This matter still suffers from poor dissemination of information so far.

AMAN also stresses the need to announce the measures that will be taken against any official who neglected to verify the integrity of the deal, as they have repeatedly known the bad intentions of the Israeli occupation towards the lives of the Palestinian people, by making sure that the team supervising the deal has done due diligence to examine the integrity and boundaries of the expiry date of the vaccines in the Israeli warehouses, knowing that the general information previously published by the occupation authorities confirms that the vaccines expire during the month of June.

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The Pfizer Safety Consortium also holds the intermediary in this deal responsible for this defect. As the Minister of Health indicated during her press conference held yesterday evening, 18/6/2021, Pfizer has serial numbers for all the doses that it has exported and is following them up. 

Accordingly, Pfizer also knows that the Israeli vaccinations will soon end, so why did it recommend making this deal, even though it is required to provide due diligence to ensure the safety of vaccines. 

The Israeli occupation also bears the greatest responsibility, which refused to provide vaccines to the Palestinians at the stage of the intensification of the crisis and the spread of the epidemic, while now agreeing to an exchange process at a time when its validity is about to expire, in exchange for new vaccines that Pfizer would send to the Palestinians next September.

AMAN expresses its concern about the impact of what happened around the vaccine deal on the extent of citizens’ confidence in the vaccine administration process in general and on the process of citizens’ turnout to receive it. 

Consequently, AMAN demands the formation of an independent investigation committee, with the participation of civil society representatives, to investigate the merits of this deal.

(Source / 19.06.2021)