BREAKING| Hamas: Resistance still holds view that Jerusalem represents red line

Members of Al Qassam Brigades during a military parade in Gaza

Gaza (QNN)- Addressing QNN, the member of the political bureau of Hamas, Suheil Al Hindi, on Tuesday stressed that the resistance continues to hold the view that it has imposed in the latest battle with the occupation state, which is that Jerusalem represents the red line.

Al Hindi told QNN, commenting on the Israeli settlers’ raid, that the enemy “should understand this equation and not get involved in costly adventures”.

“We don’t seek war and blood but if a war has been imposed on us, we will fight with with full force”, he added.

“The Israeli government, led by Bennett, is a cabinet of war. It only speaks the language of killing”, he added.

“The resistance has clearly stated that Jerusalem is a red line and we cannot level it alone”.

(Source / 15.06.2021)

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