As Jerusalem settlers raid kicks off… Several injuries, arrests in Jerusalem

Israeli forces intensively deployed in Jerusalem, especially in front of Bab Al Amoud area

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- As thousands of Israeli settlers went out to the streets in Jerusalem settlers raid, Israeli forces brutally attacked native Palestinians, wounding five and arresting six others.

Shortly before the raid, Israeli forces cracked down on Palestinians in Bab Al Amoud courtyard, forcing them to empty the area for settlers only.

The Red Crescent, meanwhile, announced that five Palestinians have been shot near the old city of Jerusalem. Three of them have been wounded with rubber-coated metal bullets while two others got wounded with beating and stun bombs.

In the same vein, local sources said Israeli forces arrested six young men in Jerusalem after assaulting them. Bab Al Amoud has been turned into a closed military zone.

In order to allow settlers to celebrate and dance in the holy city, Israeli forces forced Palestinian shop owners in the old city to close their shops earlier today.

Israeli settlers are supposed to march from Al Anbiya’ street towards Bab Al Amoud area, where they will perform their dances. They will head towards the Islamic quarter, Bab Al Khalil, then finally Al Magharbeh neighborhood.

Israeli authorities said they deployed over 2500 policemen to protect the settlers.

On the other hand, resistance factions stressed that they will not stand idly by watching the Israeli violations in the holy city.

(Source / 15.06.2021)

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