Mayor of Gaza: Siege of Gaza, which destroyed everything in it, must be ended

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Yahya Al-Sarraj, Mayor of Gaza, stressed the importance of ending the Israeli siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, noting that the siege destroyed everything beautiful in the Strip.

In a brief interview with the Palestinian Information Center, during fieldwork to clean up neighborhoods south of Gaza City, as part of the “H’an Amerha” “We will rebuild it” campaign, Al-Sarraj said: “This campaign is the largest volunteer work campaign in the Gaza Strip, in which all national institutions and factions participated.”

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He added that we are proud of these struggling people, who announced that he will not wait for anyone, and will start by himself with all the ingredients he possesses to rebuild his country.

He called for the importance of concerted efforts to start a serious process of rebuilding what was destroyed by the Israeli occupation during the recent aggression on the Gaza Strip, and throughout the years of the siege.

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He added that the Israeli occupation has destroyed everything that is beautiful in the Gaza Strip, and this campaign continues until the governorates of the Gaza Strip are reconstructed, saluting all participants in the campaign.

(Source / 08.06.2021)

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