Hamas condemns US Secretary of State recent statements

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Hamas condemned the recent statements Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, gave as he granted Israel the green line to continue its attacks against the Palestinian people. 

“Israel has no right to self-defense; its duty, according to international law, is to end its occupation of our homeland,” Hamas said in a statement. 

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Blinken said yesterday in an interview with Axios that Hamas is involved in terrorism and that Israel has the right to self-defense. 

Hamas also condemned the US administration’s ongoing military support to the Israeli occupation and providing it with all kinds of advanced weapons, which makes the United States a part of the aggression on Gaza. 

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“We were expecting for Blinken to send his messages in the right direction; to remind the Israeli occupation of its duties according to international law, to respect those duties, and to enable the Palestinians to enjoy their basic rights,” Hamas said. 

“We hoped that Blinken and his new administration learned the lesson after the great failure of their intervention in the Israel-Arab conflict for decades as a result of their bias to the Israeli position, and their failure to eliminate the Palestinians’ powers by not allowing the elections to be conducted,” Hamas added. 

Hamas confirmed in the statement that it is a Palestinian, national movement of resistance, democratically elected, and practices its legal rights to resisting the Israeli occupation with all possible tools, including the armed resistance. It is terrorism. The Israeli occupation itself is terrorism. 

“The humanitarian disaster the people in Gaza live in is because of the Israeli occupation and its blockade imposed on Gaza and supported by the US,” Hamas said. 

Hamas headed a letter to the US Secretary of State and his administration, saying “if you are concerned about achieving stability in the region, you have to respect our people’s free will, commit to the international law, and implement the international decisions that confirm the Palestinians’ right to freedom, independence and return to their homelands.” 

(Source / 08.06.2021)

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