Sinwar: Any further battle with ‘Israel’ would change Middle East

Gaza (QNN)- The elected leader of Hamas inside Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, said today that any further battle with the occupation state would “change the Middle East and make it different from it now”.

During a meeting with academics and authors, Sinwar said that “the resistance is in a very good condition”, stressing that if the occupation state attacks Gaza again, the resistance with fight back.

“Israeli will not stand to be targeted in a real attack”, Sinwar said. “What happened [in the recent battle] was only an exercise to test our capabilities and to show Israel a simple example of what a war could be like.”

Sinwar’s remarks come after the Isreali expected next Prime Minister said that he would not hesitate to launch another war on Gaza or Lebanon should the need arise.

(Source / 05.06.2021)

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