Two Gazans killed in explosion of Israeli unexploded bomb

Gaza (QNN)- The Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza on Wednesday said that two resistance fighters have been killed while they were trying to neutralize an Israeli unexploded bomb.

The spokesman for the ministry, Iyyad Al Bizem, said in a brief press statement that an Israeli bomb exploded in a resistance site, killing two fighters. The bomb was thrown on Gaza during the recent Israeli aggression.

The military wing of the Hamas movement, Al Qassam Brigades, said that the fighters Usama Jineinah and Ahmad Zaki Abu Haseera were killed while they were neutralizing an Israeli unexploded bomb, thrown during the Israeli aggression.

In the same vein, local sources said several injuries were reported among other fighters during the incident.

The Ministry of Interior had said that Engineering teams in the police continue to search and neutralize Israeli unexploded bombs in the areas targeted by the recent Israeli attack on Gaza.

(Source / 02.06.2021)

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