Israeli Troops Abduct 17 Palestinians in Pre-Dawn Raids, Including 13-Year Old

Tulkarem night raid (archive image)

In the early morning hours on Wednesday, Israeli forces invaded a number of West Bank cities and towns and snatched 17 Palestinian men and boys from their homes as they lay sleeping.

These pre-dawn raids occur on a nightly basis throughout the West Bank, and those who are abducted are forced through Israeli military court where they are not told the charges against them or even allowed access to counsel, in most cases.

Children abducted in this manner are often interrogated in brutal and inhumane ways without any notification of their parents.

In Hebron, in the southern West Bank, Israeli troops abducted Sanad Muhammad Ibrahim Muqbel (13 years), from Al-Arroub refugee camp, north of Hebron, and the two brothers, Baha Al-Din Muhammad Al-Nahnoush (22 years), Omar (15 years), and Muhammad Adel Al-Salaymeh from the southern region of Hebron.

From Bethlehem, the troops abducted: Youssef Jalal Taqatqa, Obaidah Muhammad Thawabita, Ahmed Ali Abu al-Asal, from the town of Beit Fajjar, Muhammad Issa Abayat, and Raed Abayat, from the Wadi Abu Fariha area of ​​the city of Beit Sahour, Ahmed Ayman Ali, and Fadi Daoud Asakreh, from Asakreh.

From Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, the Israeli forces snatched: Saleh Sayaghah from Silwad town, Rami Hamdan from Beit Sira town, and Jamal Al-Taweel from Umm Al Sharayet neighborhood of Al-Bireh.

From Nablus, the troops abducted: Hisham Faqha, and Ward Al-Antari from Deir Sharaf village, west of Nablus.

And from Tulkarem, the troops abducted the freed prisoner, Rabie Muhammad Nayfa (20 years), after they raided his house in the Shweika suburb.

(Source / 02.06.2021)

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