Israel continues to prevent the entry of goods and fuel into Gaza

Closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, the economic lifeline in Gaza
Closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, the economic lifeline in Gaza

Days of Palestine – The Israeli occupation authorities continue to close the only Kerem Shalom commercial crossing in the Gaza Strip, for the twentieth consecutive day and prevent the entry of goods, supplies, and fuel to the people of the Strip.

The Committee for the Coordination of the Entry of Goods into Gaza said today, Monday, in a press statement: “The occupation has closed the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing, since the start of the military aggression on Gaza on May 11, and despite reaching a ceasefire agreement, the occupation prevents the entry of goods.” The supplies and the needs of the people of the Gaza Strip are “under flimsy pretexts.”

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The occupation authorities prevent the entry of fuel, including diesel, gasoline, and gas, in addition to preventing the pumping of industrial diesel to operate the only power plant in Gaza, which has caused severe electricity shortages in the vital sectors in Gaza, including the health sector, hospitals, and the sewage sector.

Because of the power cuts, some Gaza municipalities were forced to discharge untreated wastewater into the environment and into the sea; which poses a threat to the lives of citizens and the marine environment.

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(Source / 31.05.2021)

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