Gaza: ministry says Israel is seeking intelligence to update its ‘target bank’

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM – The Interior Ministry in Gaza has said that it is working in accordance with a comprehensive plan to overcome the effects of the recent Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip, provide alternative headquarters for the security services and ease the living conditions of Palestinians in the coastal territory. The Israelis, meanwhile, are said to be working through its intelligence agencies to update its “target bank” for the coastal territory.

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Ministry spokesman Iyad Al-Bazam called on citizens to “have a higher sense and awareness of security and exercise utmost caution by not passing on any information related to the resistance” in order to thwart the efforts of the Israeli intelligence agencies.

He pointed out that the ministry is making great efforts to erase all traces of the assault, facilitate the movement of citizens and work with colleagues to re-open the roads and streets that were destroyed. Munitions experts are working to make buildings and targeted sites safe, he confirmed.

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The Palestinian official stressed that the interior ministry is doing everything possible to support and sustain the Internal Security Force. “Despite Israel’s efforts to influence the course of its work, the security force will continue to perform its duty to seek out anyone who tries to harm our people and the resistance.”

Al-Bazam added that the intensive targeting of the Internal Security Force by the Israeli army “exposes the failure and impotence of the occupation, and gives a message about the great role played by the force in standing up to the Israeli intelligence agencies.”

(Source / 28.05.2021)

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