Israeli police suppress march in Sheikh Jarrah

Sheikh Jarrah

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC) – The Israeli police quelled on Saturday evening a rally organized in front of the western entrance to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Occupied Jerusalem. 

Dozens of citizens and solidarity activists participated in the march, demanding an end to settler provocations and the lifting of the continuous siege on the neighborhood for 14 days.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said that a number of citizens were wounded, including one who was hit with a sound bomb in the head and was taken to the hospital, while the other injures were treated in the field.

The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood is witnessing daily clashes between the occupation police and settlers on one hand and the neighborhood residents, Jerusalemites, the youths and the solidarity activists on the other hand who confront settler incursions and attacks and confirm their steadfastness in their homes and lands.

500 Jerusalemites who live in 28 homes in the neighborhood are facing displacement threats after Jewish groups recently extracted an Israeli court verdict giving them the green light to take over houses in Sheikh Jarrah, despite the fact that the neighborhood residents are the actual and legal owners of the land.

(Source / 23.05.2021)

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