Resistance joint room: We will not stand idly by in the face of any Israeli assaults

Gaza (QNN)- The spokesperson for the joint operations room in Gaza, Abu Ahmad, on Friday said that all concerned sides should rein in the occupation state’s assaults against the Palestinian people and its holy places in Jerusalem, Sheikh Jarrah, Gaza, the West Bank, and everywhere.

In a press conference in Gaza, Abu Ahmad said that “the resistance will always have the final word and it will never stand idly by in the face of any assaults, injustice, or besiege by the occupations”.

“When we promised we fulfilled our promise, when we warned we proved it, and when we decided to join the battle we did and we imposed new rules on the occupier, which will have consequences if God wills”.

“We say to the enemy very clearly, “if you revert [to sinning], We shall revert [to chastising you]. Our hands are on our weapons’ triggers and our battle is not over yet. The [Israeli] arrogance can only be confronted by resilience, retaliation, and challenging”, he added.

(Source / 22.05.2021)

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