Report: Israeli bombing of Gaza killed 65 Palestinian children

Most of the people killed in airstrikes that hit their homes without warning while they were asleep

Israeli occupation forces have killed 230 Palestinians in Gaza since start of ongoing offensive on 10 May, including 65 children, a report issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza on Thursday said.

Among the dead, the Ministry of Health said, were 39 women and 17 elderly people, who were mostly killed in air strikes that hit their homes without warning while they were inside.

At least 1,710 others have been wounded in the Israeli air strikes, including 55 who are in a critical condition.

Some 470 children and 310 women are among those injured.

Several pregnant women were among the dead, in addition to disabled Eyad Salha, his pregnant wife and little daughter who were killed in an Israeli strike that targeted their home last night. Salha had been disabled for 14 years.

At least 12 families, the Ministry of Health said, have been completely wiped out of the Palestinian civil records.

(Source / 21.05.2021)

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