Israeli Soldiers Attack Joint Israeli-Palestinian Protest Near Bethlehem

Israeli troops attacked, on Friday midday, a nonviolent protest at the “Tunnel Roadblock”, north of Bethlehem, before detaining eight activists, four Israelis, and four Palestinians.

The protest was organized to “stop the War on Gaza – Stop Sheikh Jarrah Evictions” by the Palestinian Israeli joined group “Combatants for Peace”, “Standing Together” collation, and “Breaking the Silence”.

Two members of the Israeli Knesset (MK) Mosheh Raz and Ofer Kseif also joined the protesters.

Activists tried to start a march on the Husan junction, near settler’s road 60 to the south of Bethlehem and reached the tunnel roadblock, when the occupation soldiers attacked them and detained one of the activists after declaring the area a closed military zone.

The organizers shifted the starting point to the tunnel checkpoint area, where they chanted slogans against the occupation, as well as against the racism of the occupation against the Palestinian people.

During the march, the occupation soldiers assaulted several participants, including MK Ofer Kseif, and detained seven other participants.

MK Ofer Kseif spoke to the participants and said, “This racist occupation must end for us to live in peace and safety,” and Knesset member Moshe Raz said, “The war on Gaza has stopped, but the occupation has not ended.”

Jamil Qassas, the Palestinian director of CFP, said, “The behavior of the occupation is a clear implementation of the apartheid policy towards what the Israeli occupation practices against the Palestinians.”

(Source / 21.05.2021)

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