Israeli economic losses in war on Gaza worth over $2bn

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- The Hebrew version of Ynet reported on Friday that Israeli economic losses after the recent aggression on the Gaza strip surpass $2 billion.

Citing a financial official, the newspaper said that after announcing a ceasefire between ‘Israel’ and resistance factions, the losses reached nearly 0.5% of the GDP, which is much worse than the Israeli aggression on Gaza in 2014, when the Israeli economy lost 0.3% of the GDP in 51 days.

The official added that the current GDP of the occupation state is 1.4 trillion shekels, which means that its losses searched nearly $2.14 billion.

The resistance’s missiles had focused on several Israeli military and economic targets, including Tamar gas platform and Ben Gurion airport. They also targeted the Israeli capital city, Tel Aviv, and brought normal life in the occupation state to a standstill.

(Source / 21.05.2021)

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