B’Tselem: Israel commits war crimes in Gaza Strip

B’Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights, said on Sunday that Israel is committing war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

The human rights organization confirmed that the besieged Gaza Strip is witnessing destruction and killing by Israel not witnessed since 2014.

B’Tselem reported that Israel caused damage to commercial shops and important structures in Gaza such as electricity and water networks, streets and agricultural lands, and three hospitals, one in Beit Hanoun, and the Indonesian Hospital and Hala Al Shawa Health Center.

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It also pointed out that since 2002, the West Bank has not witnessed the number of killings that it witnessed on Friday. The Israeli forces killed at least ten Palestinians, most of them during demonstrations or confrontations, and wounded 251 others, including 26 seriously injured and one of them was shot in his head and he is at risk of death.

B’Tselem reported that the occupation forces in East Jerusalem had injured about 1,000 Palestinians, during the period 10/05/2021 – 14/05/2021. 

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“The Israeli regime practices systematic violence against the Palestinians everywhere in the occupied territories”, the organization underlined. 

(Source / 16.05.2021)

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