Report: Israel destroys 500 housing and 52 government headquarters

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Government Media Office said that the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip caused great material losses and extensive destruction of the infrastructure and the homes of citizens.

The office stated that the bombing hit towers, houses, and residential homes, which reached more than 500 housing units, between total and partial demolitions, in addition to at least 1,000 housing units being damaged with moderate to slight damage as a result of the continuous bombing.

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It referred to the bombing of three residential towers completely and damaging 12 media headquarters in one of these towers, as well as other institutions, societies, and offices.

It confirmed the bombing of 52 government headquarters, which varied between police headquarters, security and service facilities, most notably the police headquarters in Gaza City.

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It pointed out that 7 schools, a number of primary health care clinics, and the water desalination plant in North Gaza were severely damaged as a result of the heavy bombing in their vicinity.

“The bombing of animal farms, agricultural lands, wells, and irrigation networks, with an initial loss of $ 1 million, in addition to the bombing of streets and infrastructure represented by electricity, water, and sanitation networks and transformers, with initial losses amounting to two million dollars,” the Office confirmed.

The statement documented that more than 50 cars and private transportation were completely and partially damaged, with an approximate value of half a million dollars in losses.

It pointed out that the occupation continues to close commercial crossings in the Gaza Strip and to prevent fishermen from descending into the sea.

(Source / 14.05.2021)

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