Great March of Return Back Again in Gaza strip in solidarity with Jerusalem

While the demonstrators were throwing the slingshot and molotov toward the Israeli snipers during a night demonstration near the fence along the border with Israel, east of Gaza City, on May 8, 2021

After Two years of suspension of the great march of return the night protest is back again
In solidarity with Palestinian in occupied Jerusalem.

Scores of Palestinian youth gathered again along the speartion fence that spearted Gaza with Israel.

The Israeli Occupation Snipers targeted the Gazan youths who were participating in “night protest” activities with tear gas canisters and injuring a number of them with live bullets, near the perimeter fence, east of Gaza, last night.

Gazan media reported that the Israeli Occupation fired tear gas canisters against the Palestinian protesters in “night protest” and a huge explosion was heard in the east of Abu Safia, east of Jabalia, which were caused by the actions of the”night protest” there.

Night protest continues for the second night in a row along the eastern borders of Gaza, led by Palestinian young men In solidarity with occupied Jerusalem, it also included protesting against the occupation troops, who were on the separation fence, where the Palestinian young men launched dozens of incendiary balloons, toward Israel settlements.

Masked Palestinians while preparing for releasing the incendiary balloons at Gaza border in ‘night protest’ activities, last night

Recently, In the Gaza strip there were calls for a day of popular anger, and the announcement of calls to arms along the eastern borders and returning the night protest again.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

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