Soldiers Attack Palestinians In Sheikh Jarrah, Abduct Five

Israeli soldiers attacked on Saturday night, many Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, causing injuries, and abducted five.

Eyewitnesses said the soldiers, including mounted police officers, invaded the neighborhood and assaulted dozens of residents, including children and women, causing injuries.

They added that the invasion was carried out when the situation was calm, and no protests were taking place.

The Israeli army was also pushing and dragging the Palestinians from the neighborhood and forced them all away. Locals said the streets are now filled with soldiers and police officers.

Israel has been trying to remove and evict at least 75 Palestinian families from their homes and neighborhood, to replace them with illegal colonialist settlers.

It is worth mentioning that the soldiers abducted, Sunday, twenty-five Palestinians; 24 of them are former political prisoners, during ongoing invasions and violent searches of homes and buildings, in Jerusalem.

In addition, the soldiers injured overnight until morning hours, Sunday, at least 205 Palestinians, including some who were injured in the eyes, during protests that erupted after dozens of soldiers and police officers invaded the Al-Aqsa Mosque; The soldiers also abducted and detained many Palestinians.

Furthermore, a Palestinian father and his four children were injured, on Sunday at dawn, after the soldiers fired concussion grenades at them near Bab al-‘Amoud in occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

WAFA: “Foreign Minister: Ambassadors of Palestine, Jordan to start joint action against Israeli escalation”

RAMALLAH, Sunday, May 9, 2021 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad al-Maliki said today he had asked the ambassadors of Palestine to begin joint action with their Jordanian counterparts in their host countries, with the goal of reaching out to decision-makers, public opinion and parliaments in these countries and brief them of the Israeli escalation of violence in Jerusalem.

“This joint action by the ambassadors comes within the framework of coordinating joint efforts to mobilize the widest international front to press the occupying power to immediately stop its aggression and systematic violations of international law, international humanitarian law, and human rights law against Palestinians living in occupied Jerusalem,” said al-Maliki in a press statement.

Al-Maliki said Israel has been utilizing former US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel to enforce a de facto division of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied capital, which is Islam’s third holiest place of worship, and to make such change irreversible.

“All the pillars of the occupying state work within one system that aims to Judaize the city, abolish its Arab, Islamic and Christian character, and thus distorting the city, its monuments, its history, its importance, and its Islamic and Christian dimensions,” added the Foreign Minister.

Al-Maliki urged the international community to press Israel to stop its escalation of violence in Jerusalem, as well as to provide international protection to the Palestinian people in the occupied capital and the rest of the occupied territories.

He also urged the international community to start hinting at considering sanctions against Israel due to its blatant disregard of repeated calls for an end to its ongoing crimes against the Palestinian people.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Israeli Army Fires Missiles Into Central Gaza

Israeli soldiers fired on Sunday at dawn, several missiles into two sites in Deir al-Balah city, in central Gaza Strip.

Media sources said an Israeli F16 fighter jet fired missiles into two sites, believed to be run by the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, causing damage.

They added that the missiles also caused damage to nearby homes but did not lead to casualties.

The Israeli army claimed it fired the missiles after a homemade shell was fired into settlements across the fence and added that the shell landed in an undeveloped area causing no damage or injuries.

Also at night, the soldiers shot and injured at least three Palestinians during protests that took place on their lands near the perimeter fence, east of Gaza city.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Israeli Police Injure Ten Palestinians Near Al-Aqsa Mosque

Israeli police officers attacked on Sunday at dawn, dozens of Palestinian worshipers while leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, wounding at least ten.

Eyewitnesses said the police attacked the Palestinians, in addition to firing rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs, and concussion grenades at them.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics provided treatment to ten Palestinians and moved one of them to a hospital after he was shot with rubber-coated steel bullets in the mouth.

The incident took place when hundreds of Palestinians were leaving Al-Aqsa after performing dawn prayers.

Also at dawn, a father and his four children were injured, after Israeli soldiers fired concussion grenades at them near Bab al-‘Amoud in Jerusalem.

On Saturday night, the army attacked many Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, causing injuries, and abducted five.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Army Injures 90 Palestinians In Jerusalem

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) has confirmed that Israeli soldiers injured, on Saturday at night, at least ninety Palestinians, including women and children, in occupied the occupied Palestinian capital, Jerusalem.

The PRCS said the army attacked the Palestinians in Bab al-‘Amoud area, Bab as-Sahera, Bab al-Asbat, and in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as dozens of residents were leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque after dawn prayers.

It added that its medics rushed sixteen Palestinians to the al-Makassed hospital, in Jerusalem, in addition to 14 to a field a PRCS clinic, and added that most of the injuries were a result of Israeli rubber-coated steel bullets and concussion grenades, while the rest of the injured residents suffered cuts and bruises in addition to the severe effects of teargas inhalation.

PRCS medics also said some of the injured Palestinians are children, including a one-year-old girl.

In addition, the soldiers prevented many Palestinian ambulances from entering Bab al-‘Amoud and its surrounding areas, in addition to wounding at least one medic.

In related news, Israeli police officers attacked on Sunday at dawn, dozens of Palestinian worshipers while leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, wounding at least ten.

Furthermore, a father and his four children were injured after Israeli soldiers fired concussion grenades at them near Bab al-‘Amoud in Jerusalem.

On Saturday night, the army attacked many Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah, causing injuries, and abducted five.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Israeli Soldiers Injure Many Palestinians In Nablus And Ramallah

Israeli soldiers injured, on Saturday night, many Palestinians during protests that took place in Nablus, in northern West Bank, and in Ramallah in central West Bank, in central condemnation of the Israeli violations in the occupied capital, Jerusalem, including Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Media sources in Nablus said the Palestinians marched towards the Huwwara Israeli military roadblock, south of the city before the soldiers closed it in both directions.

They added that the protesters chanted for Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem, and against the escalating Israeli violations, before the soldiers fired rubber-coated steel bullets and gas bombs, causing several injuries.

In addition, the soldiers attacked a protest in Budrus village, west of Ramallah, as the Palestinians marched from the village towards the illegal Annexation Wall, separating them from their lands.

The protesters carried Palestinian flags and chanted against the escalating Israeli violations in Jerusalem before the soldiers fired gas bombs at them. The army also chased and assaulted several Palestinians with batons.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Sheikh Jarrah: How the US media is erasing Israel’s crimes

If there are no consequences for expelling Palestinians from their homes, there are surely none for the media’s erasure of these illegal acts

Over the past week, Jewish settlers with thick Brooklyn accents were caught on camera bullying their way into Palestinian homes in the occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

“If I don’t steal your home, someone else will steal it,” one settler said to Mona al-Kurd, a Palestinian woman whose house was being invaded, in a video that has since gone viral.

Israeli police, too, were seen storming the neighbourhood, violently breaking up vigils, and beating and choking activists conducting sit-ins in protest at the displacement of Palestinian refugees living in the area, many of whom are facing eviction in the coming days. On social media, online campaigners have been sharing #SaveSheikhJarrah in a bid to garner international attention and to make sure the world bears witness to yet another Israeli crime.

Make no mistake: an ethnic cleansing is currently underway in the predominantly Palestinian neighbourhood in full view of the world.

But in the American mainstream media, it is as if nothing is happening at all.

In this parallel universe, the illegal and vicious attempt to remove Palestinians from their homes, and the violent actions of Israeli forces to halt demonstrations against a recent court order upholding the evictions, have been met with a resounding silence.

Multiple displacements
A cursory glance at the New York Times, NPR, CNN and Time Magazine returned no results on the events of the past few days. Instead, they continue to focus primarily on Israel’s inability to form a government. When the evictions and the violence inflicted on Sheikh Jarrah residents have been covered – for example, by the Associated Press – the issue is framed as a quasi commercial dispute between two parties and described as a “long-running legal battle” between Palestinians and settlers, conveniently neglecting to note that under international law, Israeli courts do not have the authority to settle civilians in occupied Palestinian territory, while the displacement of Palestinian families contravenes the fundamentals of international humanitarian law.

As the longtime attacks on families in the neighbourhood would attest, the story in Sheikh Jarrah goes to the heart of the never-ending Israeli project of settler-colonialism of the land and expulsion of Palestinians, or as Palestinians have described it: a continuation of the Nakba of 1948.

The neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah comprises some 3,000 refugees who were forcibly displaced from their original homes in other parts of what was historic Palestine in 1948. Since the early 1970s, Palestinians in the neighbourhood have been battling a series of Jewish settler organisations who filed lawsuits claiming the land belonged to them. Dozens of Palestinians have been kicked out of the neighbourhood and replaced by Israeli settlers.

The current impasse and protests came about after Israeli courts last year ordered the eviction of more than a dozen Palestinian families from the residential neighbourhood.

Considering the ways in which the mainstream US media has historically covered the Israeli occupation of Palestine – be it the use of the term “clashes,” even when Israeli mobs have marched to the chant of “Death to Arabs,” as they did last month, or the drawing of false equivalences in the levels of violence between occupier and occupied, or the constant justification of Israeli violence as “self-defence,” even in the thick of an invasion – the lack of coverage of the events in Sheikh Jarrah is not altogether surprising.

This is the same media after all that still chooses to laud Israel’s Covid-19 vaccine success while it completely negates its legal responsibilites towards the lives of Palestinians living under its control.
The erasure of the events in Sheikh Jarrah, though, is still jarring.

One would have thought that given the tumultuous events of the past year – from the Black Lives Matter movement to the Covid-19 pandemic which exposed a decrepit, unequal America – that US mainstream media would have shifted gears, rethinking their own complicity, or at least exploring American duplicity.

But they apparently remain unmoved.

Official silence
Part of the problem is that there is no one to hold Israel to account. Palestinian civil society activists have called upon the International Criminal Court to include the evictions in Sheikh Jarrah as part of its ongoing investigations, but both Israel and the US have rejected the ICC’s right to hold Israel to account.

On Sheikh Jarrah, the US government has refused to condemn the state-sponsored actions of the settlers. On Wednesday, numerous American lawmakers called on the State Department to break their silence. Representative Marie Newman, for instance, demanded that the State Department “immediately condemn these violations of international law as Palestinians are forcibly being removed from their homes in East Jerusalem”.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for State Department told Middle East Eye it was “deeply concerned”.

“As we have consistently said, it is critical to avoid unilateral steps that exacerbate tensions or take us further away from peace, this includes evictions, settlement activity and home demolitions,” the spokesperson added.

The United Nations has been equally pallid on the matter. Its leadership, too, has shown itself barely capable of reiterating its oft-repeated position that “all settlement activities, including the evictions and demolitions, are illegal under international law”.

Meanwhile, the facts on the ground continue to change. Today, tomorrow, the evictions will continue; more lives destroyed, more homes taken over. And it seems the US mainstream media is well aware that if there are no consequences for displacing and expelling Palestinians from their homes, there are surely no consequences for the media to erase these crimes.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

‘Israel’ closes Gaza fishing zone till further notice

Gaza (QNN)- The Israeli army on Sunday completely closed the sea of Gaza for fishermen till further notice.

Israeli Kan channel said the Israeli army announced closing the sea of Gaza, using a missile that was fired from the besieged enclave at Israeli settlements last night. It also claimed that Palestinians threw “explosive balloons” at Israeli settlements.

The Israeli channel said that 40 fires were set today throughout settlements surrounding the Gaza strip.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Israeli settlers attack Palestinians in Masafer Yatta

Hebron (QNN)- Israeli settlers yesterday attacked Palestinian homes, farmers, and shepherds in Masafer Yatta south of Hebron in the southern occupied West Bank.

Fuad al-‘Amour, a local activists, told WAFA that a group of settlers, under the protection of Israeli occupation forces, attacked Palestinian homes and used live ammunition against the residents inbAt-Tuwani village.

In a separate incident, settlers attacked Palestinian farmers and shepherds while they were tending to their lands and livestock in Khirbet al-Tuba and Maghayir al-Abeed, east of Masafer Yatta area.

However, no injuries were reported.

Masafer Yatta, a collection of almost 19 hamlets that rely heavily on animal husbandry as the main source of livelihood. It is located in Area C of the West Bank, under full Israeli administrative and military control.

Home demolitions, confiscation of the most basic infrastructure and military training exercises are part of everyday reality in the area, forcing many to live in natural caves, as they vow to stay in Masafer Yatta no matter what the obstacles.

In many Palestinian communities located in Area C of the West Bank under full Israeli military control, Israeli-designated “firing zones” or “closed military zones” are forbidden for Palestinians to live on without permission from the Israeli occupation authorities, which is rarely granted.

These declarations have had a serious humanitarian impact on Palestinian civilians and dramatically reduced the land available to them for residential and livelihood use.

There has been a spike in attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians in the occupied territories, however, investigations into them have not been carried out.

There are nearly 700,000 Israeli settlers living in 256 illegal settlements and outposts scattered across the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Israeli settlements are illegal under international law.

(Source / 09.05.2021)

Netanyahu said seeking to delay court hearing on Sheikh Jarrah evictions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Justice Minister Benny Gantz are seeking to delay a court hearing on the pending eviction of Palestinian families from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in occupied East Jerusalem, according to Israeli media reports on Saturday.

The Israeli Supreme Court will consider an appeal on the case on Monday,

Gantz and Netanyahu discussed the possibility of trying to postpone the court hearing to reduce tensions, according to Israeli Kan public broadcaster.

They have asked the attorney general whether such a move is legally viable, it said.

Sheikh Jarrah has been cited as one of the most issues sparked attention and condemnation around the world, as several countries slammed Israeli occupation forces and settlers violence against Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and al-Aqsa Mosque, calling ‘Israel’ to cease evictions and violence, including the US, Egypt, Belgium, Russia, and Turkey.

“It is critical to avoid steps that exacerbate tensions or take us farther away from peace. This includes evictions in East Jerusalem, settlement activity, home demolitions, and acts of terrorism,” The US State Department said in a statement.

The US also urged both Palestinian and Israeli officials “to act decisively to deescalate tensions and bring a halt to the violence. It is absolutely critical that all sides exercise restraint, refrain from provocative actions and rhetoric, and preserve the historic status quo on the Haram al-Sharif in word and in practice.”

Dozens of Palestinians are facing imminent eviction from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah, in a move to force them out and replace it entirely with an Israeli settlement.

The Israeli Supreme Court ruled at least six families must vacate their homes in Sheikh Jarrah last Sunday, despite living there for generations, to make way for a new Israeli settlement known as Shimon HaTsadiq.

However, the Court on Sunday gave the Palestinian families until Thursday to reach a deal with Israeli settlers regarding the ownership of their homes.

The deal proposed by the court requires the Palestinian families to pay the Israeli settlers to rent their homes until the current owners pass away and then assign the properties to the settlers, not to their heirs.

The families refused this proposal, considering it a recognition of the claimed demands of the settlers.

In February, the Court also rejected an appeal by four Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood against their eviction from their homes. The court upheld the eviction order, and it gave the four families until May 2 to implement the eviction decision.

The same court ruled seven other families should leave their homes by August 1.

The Court decided today to postpone the ruling regarding the eviction of the families till May 10.

The Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah told the Supreme Israeli Court today that no compromise has been reached with Israeli settlers concerning land and house ownership claims by the latter.

Sami Irsheid, the lawyer of Sheikh Jarrah families, said he had submitted to the court a notification that no agreement was made with the settlers concerning their alleged ownership claims, and said the families were waiting for the court’s ruling concerning the matter at any time today or later on.

He said the court will also look into another appeal request from three other families whose eviction is scheduled for July 1.

A plan for the settlement, consisting of 200 housing units on 18 dunums, has already been submitted to the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem.

In total, 58 people, including 17 children, are set to be forcibly displaced to make way for Israeli settlers.

In 1972, several Israeli settler organisations filed a lawsuit against the Palestinian families living in Sheikh Jarrah, alleging the land originally belonged to Jews.

These groups, mostly funded by donors from the United States, have waged a relentless battle that resulted in the displacement of 43 Palestinians in 2002, as well as the Hanoun and Ghawi families in 2008 and the Shamasneh family in 2017.

Within the past days, the settlers and forces used violence by attacking and arresting several Palestinians demonstrating against Israel’s evictions of the families from their homes in the neighborhood.

The Israeli forces also used tear gas and batons to disperse the people who were demonstrating.

The Israeli settlers also attacked the protestors, beat them and sprayed pepper gas at the Palestinians while they were having Iftar.

The settlers also were provoking the Palestinians while they were having the iftar, by attacking their homes and destroying their properties.

The tensions have also increased today after inciting statements were made by the Israeli right-wing MK Itamar Bin Kagir, as he said he’d be with the Israeli police to encourage them to use more force in suppressing the Palestinian demonstrators.

For tow days in a row, the Israeli forces attacked the Palestinian worshipers while they were praying in al-Aqsa mosque.

The Red Crescent said that the injuries among worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque have risen to more than 200 due to the Israeli attack on the holy mouse.

More than 100 injuries were evacuated to hospitals while the rest were treated in the field.

It added that most injuries are in the face and eyes using rubber-coated metal bullets.

The Red Crescent also said that Israeli forces prevented its crews from treating injuries at Bab Al Amoud. They also targeted ambulances with skunk water and stun grenades.

(Source / 09.05.2021)