International and Arab countries react to Israel’s attack on worshipers in al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- International and Arab countries have reacted to the Israeli attack on worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque.

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Israeli police’s raid into the holy mouse and the brutal attack on worshipers.

“The [Israeli] raid into the mouse and attacking peaceful worshipers is a blatant violation and a condemned and rejected savage act”, the spokesperson for the ministry, Deifallah Al Fayez, said.

Al Fayez called on Israeli authorities to order its police and special forces to immediately leave the mosque and allow peaceful worshipers to freely practice their faith, especially during Ramadan.

Meanwhile, Qatar “strongly” condemned the Israeli raid into the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque, describing the attack on worshipers as being “brutal”.

“Qatar strongly condemns the Israeli raid into the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque and the brutal aggression on worshipers”, Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

It also stressed that the international community should urgently act to stop the Israeli violations against the Palestinian people and Al Aqsa mosque.

In Turkey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the Israeli violations against “our first Qibla, Al Aqsa mosque”.

He added that the Israeli targeting of innocent worshipers during the holy month of Ramadan is a “brutal attack”.

Internationally, the United States expressed its concern regarding “tension in Jerusalem”” and called for “de-escalation” in occupied Jerusalem and “avoiding” evicting native Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in favor of Israeli settlers.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Hamas leader warns Netanyahu of “playing with fire” in Jerusalem

Doha (QNN)- The head of Hamas’ political bureau, Ismail Haniyyeh, warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamen Netanyahu and called him not to play with fire in occupied Jerusalem.

“Do not play with fire”, HAniyyeh said addressing Netanyahu. “This is a battle that you cannot in, neither you nor your army and police… The enemy is committing follies in Jerusalem and Al Aqsa that he does not know the consequences.”

Haniyyeh added that the situation after those violations will never be the same as before. “I made calls with leaders in Arab and Muslim countries and we warned of the consequences f this aggression, which is taking place now at Al Aqsa mosque”, he added.

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Amid Israel’s attack on worshipers… Social media giants attack pro-Palestine content

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- While Israeli forces were attacking worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque on the last Friday of Ramadan, and attacking residents and activists in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood during the last few days, social media giants have been preventing and banning pro-Palestine and Palestinian content on their platforms.

Instagram users were shocked on Friday when a massage appeared informing them that the app hid the hashtag #Al-Aqsa, claiming that it has been reported and that some of its content does not meet the app’s community guidelines.

Instagram also closed several accounts that showed solidarity with worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque or even published news about the Israeli attack on the holy mosque.

Meanwhile, Twitter closed over 70 accounts that showed solidarity with the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and its residents against the Israeli mass eviction operation.

Sada Social condemned the social media platforms’ violation, saying that the closure of the accounts is a punitive act and a form of complicity with Israeli forces, aiming at reducing posts about the Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Instagram, don’t silence Palestinians, don’t shut down our conversations, say social media users

Hundreds of social media users have been reporting social media websites for deleting their posts, shutting down their personal accounts and censoring content about Israeli forces and settlers attacking Palestinians in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem.

The social media users from Palestine and around the world have uploaded and shared videos and images about Israeli forces and settlers attacks, using the hashtag #SaveSheikhJarrah, in both English and Arabic.

However, social media websites, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, have censored, limited, and shut down their accounts, silencing their voices while they are fighting against the occupation.

Hundreds of users are reporting @instagram deleted their posts about Sheikh Jarrah, where Israeli settlers and soldiers have been terrorizing Palestinians resisting imminent home theft and expulsion. Are you one of these users? Write to us! Instructions below.


Instagram is deleting Palestinian activists’ stories on the ethnic cleansing happening in Sheikh Jarrah. This is not a conspiracy, this is not a fluke. Social media companies have been & will always be antithetical to revolution & resistance. #SaveSheikhJarrah

Sada Social, a Palestinian digital rights organisation, condemned Twitter’s administration for shutting down the activists’ accounts, saying it considers this a “punishment for activists and collusion between the Twitter administration and the Israeli security services, in order to reduce interaction with the Sheikh Jarrah cause.”

Sada Social also called for the need to reactivate the suspended accounts and provide a free space for all website users to express their views without discrimination.

Another hashtag, Al-Aqsa in Arabic, has also been hidden by Instagram, because, as it claims, the “content may not meet Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”

The hashtag was used to cover the settlers and forces’ violence and attacks against the Palestinians in al-Aqsa mosque courtyards while they were praying.

Palestinians are no strangers to such restrictions on social media.

For years, American apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp, have been deleting and deactivating the accounts of Palestinians in coordination with the Israeli government and security agencies, on the pretext of preventing Palestinian “incitement and hate speech” on its platform, stifling the Palestinian voices.

On May 2020, Facebook deleted the accounts of more than 50 Palestinian journalists and activists, saying their accounts had been deactivated for “not following our Community Standards,” according to Sada Social.

Sada Social said it documented 38 violations against Palestinian content in April 2021 only.

Since the start of 2021, 50 violations against freedom of the press, as Facebook either blocked Palestinian publications or closed accounts of journalists and activists under feeble excuses, said the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS).

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Over 25 natives arrested in wide-range arrest campaign

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Israeli authorities carried out a massive arrest campaign on Saturday targeting Jerusalemites, which resulted in arresting over 25 natives. Most of those arrested are former prisoners.

The Palestinian prisoners’ Association said in a statement that the campaign is part of the Israeli ongoing policy, targeting occupied Jerusalem. It added that the occupied capital city has the highest arrests number in comparison with other Palestinian cities. This year, the occupation state arrested or 700 native Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, including children and women.

The statement added that the arrests have increased with the start of the holy month of Ramadan. Dozens have been arrested while they were performing prayers at Al Aqsa mosque. Most arrests took place last night during the Israeli attack on worshipers in the holy mosque.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

PRC: 205 injured in Israeli attacks across occupied Jerusalem

Palestine Red Crescent (PRC) establishes field hospital in region amid hospital occupancy

The number injured rose to 205 in Israeli attacks late Friday at Al Aqsa Mosque, Damascus Gate of the Old City and Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in occupied Jerusalem, PRC said.

Eighty-eight of the wounded were taken to hospitals in Jerusalem, while others were treated as outpatients, said a PRC statement.

Most of the injuries were caused by rubber bullets fired by Israeli police, it added.

PRC established a field hospital in the region because of a lack of beds at hospitals.

Israeli occupation police attempted to disperse worshippers inside Al Haram Al Sharif area of Al Aqsa Mosque on Friday, using stun grenades and gas bombs.

Police attacked Muslim worshippers inside Al Aqsa Mosque while worshippers were performing tarawih — special night prayers — during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Official Israeli attempts to expel Palestinian families from their homes to replace them with Jewish settlers in Jerusalem’s neighbourhoods, mainly Sheikh Jarrah, has ignited the tension in the holy city.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

PNC addresses world parliaments regarding ethnic cleansing in Sheikh Jarrah

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Palestine National Council (PNC), the Palestinian parliament in exile, addressed Friday the parliaments and federations of the world regarding the crime of ethnic cleansing committed by the Israeli occupation authorities in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem.

In letters, he sent to the heads of the parliaments and federations, especially the Inter-Parliamentary Union, PNC Speaker, Saleem Al-Za’anoon, reminded of the parliaments legal and moral responsibility to condemn criminals and stop their crime of ethnic cleansing of Jerusalemites, and forcibly deporting them from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.

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In his messages, Mr. Al-Za’anoon said: The time has come for serious action to stop this full-fledged crime by displacing the residents of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and must put pressure on the governments of your countries to intervene and activate the mechanisms of international law and international humanitarian law, to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for its continuous violations, and to prevent its impunity.

In its letters, PNC affirmed what was stated in its previous letters to the heads of Arab, Islamic, African and Asian parliamentary federations, the Arab Parliament, the European Parliament, the Inter-Parliamentary Union, European and Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assemblies, and to the heads of national parliaments all over the continents, the need to confront what the occupying power is doing in the occupied Palestinian territories of committing crimes, foremost of which is the crime of ethnic cleansing in occupied Jerusalem.

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PNC letters explained that the threat of forced displacement at this stage targets 28 homes inhabited by 500 people from families: Al-Jauni, Al-Kurd, Al-Qasim, and Iskafi in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of occupied Jerusalem, and the goal is to establish 200 settlement units in their location, in the context of Judaising the holy city.

These homes were legally established for Palestinian refugees who were forcibly displaced from their homes in 1948, PNC clarified, according to an agreement concluded in 1956 with the Jordanian government and the UNRWA Relief Agency, that is, before Israel’s occupation of East Jerusalem in 1967.

PNC letters described what is happening now is a crime of ethnic cleansing, which aims to displace the Palestinian civilian population from specific geographical areas and “cleanse” them, using violent, terrorist and coercive methods, in violation of the relevant Geneva Conventions. It is also a crime against humanity, and a war crime in accordance with the principles and provisions of the International Criminal Court.

Palestinian people seek to achieve justice, prosecute and punish war criminals. PNC letters affirmed. Therefore, parliaments must stand by the right and international law, declare their position, exert their efforts to deter the criminal, and ensure that the measures stipulated in the statute of the International Criminal Court are applied to redress the victims and punish the criminals.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Israel hands over body of slain Palestinian woman

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Israeli occupation authorities handed over Friday the body of slain Rehab Mohammad Hroub, a 60-year-old Palestinian woman who was shot dead by the Israeli occupation forces five days ago.

Hroub’s body was released by the Israeli occupation military and handed over to her family via the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC) at the entrance to the village of Husan, near Bethlehem, after being withheld since last Sunday and for no reason.

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Hroub, who comes from the village of Wadi Fukin in the West Bank, was shot dead by the Israeli occupation army at Etzion junction, south of Bethlehem, on the said date. Her body has been withheld by the occupation army ever since.

Israeli occupation authorities have long been using the policy of withholding the bodies of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces or settlers, claiming that funerals of Palestinians had provided grounds for “incitement” against Israel.

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Dozens of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces are still withheld in Israeli mortuaries despite calls by human rights groups on Israel to release them.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Israel’s forced eviction in Sheikh Jarrah could amount to war crimes: UN

The United Nations has warned that Israel’s forced evictions in occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds could amount to war crimes.

“We call on Israel to immediately call off all forced evictions,” UN rights office spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters in Geneva on Friday.

The Israeli regime has been demolishing Palestinian homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for the construction of a new settlement outpost.

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Based on an Israeli court ruling, some 28 Palestinian families face the threat of forceful eviction there.

In a statement on Thursday, the Red Crescent said at least 22 Palestinians had been injured overnight when Israeli troops attacked their protest rally against the harsh eviction measure.

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Israeli police have arrested 11 Palestinians in the area.

In his address to reporters, Colville emphasized that East Jerusalem al-Quds “remains part of the occupied Palestinian territory, in which international humanitarian law applies.”

“The occupying power … cannot confiscate private property in occupied territory.”

Under international law, the official said, it is illegal to transfer civilian populations into occupied territory and this “may amount to war crimes.”

Colville urged the Tel Aviv regime to depart from behavior that further contributes to “a coercive environment or leads to a risk of forcible transfer.”

“We further call on Israel to respect freedom of expression on assembly, including with those who are protesting against the evictions, and to exercise maximum restraint in the use of force.”

He emphasized that Israel is not authorized to “impose its own set of laws in occupied territory, including East Jerusalem.”

In a statement on Thursday, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Tor Wennesland expressed concern over the imminent eviction of Palestinians by Israeli authorities from Sheikh Jarrah.

“I urge Israel to cease demolitions and evictions, in line with its obligations under international humanitarian law,” the UN official said, Palestine’s official Wafa news agency reported.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry asked the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Tuesday to investigate the forced relocation.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem al-Quds, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip during the Six-Day War in 1967. It later had to withdraw from Gaza but has been occupying the other territories since.

(Source / 08.05.2021)

Qatar condemns Israeli brutal attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Qatar strongly condemned the Israeli occupation forces stormed the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, on Friday, described the attack on the worshipers inside it as “brutal.”

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a press statement that this attack is a provocation to the feelings of millions of Muslims around the world, and a flagrant violation of human rights and international covenants.

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The Ministry stressed the need for urgent action by the international community to halt the repeated Israeli attacks against the Palestinians and the holy Al-Aqsa Mosque.

It reaffirmed the firm position of Qatar in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, including the exercise of their religious rights and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

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Hundred-sixty-three people were injured in the violence on Friday evening and 83 were hospitalized, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent rescue service and the Ministry of Health. It said most were wounded in the face and eyes by rubber-coated bullets and shrapnel from stun grenades.

Since the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the city of Jerusalem has witnessed attacks by the Israeli police forces and settlers, especially in the “Bab al-Amud” and “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhoods.

(Source / 08.05.2021)