Video| “The Battle of the Chairs”… Sheikh Jarrah locals use chairs to fight back settlers

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Locals of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood confronted Israeli settlers on Thursday night using chairs when the settlers attacked an Iftar gathering of native Palestinians.

Video footage showcases settlers waiting until a group of locals and activists started having their Iftar to attack them using sticks and pepper gas.

The locals fought back throwing chairs and empty bottles at the settlers, forcing them to leave and hide inside a building that they had confiscated earlier.

The settlers had set a tent in front of a building, owned by Al Ghawi family but confiscated by settlers, to welcome an extremist MK, who announced that he would move his office into the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Dozens of activists had gathered in the neighborhood to prevent the Israeli authorities from confiscating Palestinians houses and give them to settlers.

(Source / 07.05.2021)

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