Report: 3 Palestinian prisoners suffer from difficult health conditions

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority said, in a report released on Wednesday that the Israeli Detention Center continues a policy of medical neglect against male and female prisoners.

The authority demonstrated this by increasing the number of sick detainees inside the occupation prisons, and their health conditions worsening day after day, where many of them are in critical situations and suffer from serious health problems such as cancer, heart disease, paralysis, and others.

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The commission’s report documented three cases of sickness deposited in the Israeli occupation prisons, one of which is the prisoner Nidal Abu Aahour (45 years old) from Bethlehem inside the so-called “Ramla Hospital”, where the prisoner suffers from kidney failure and washes the kidneys 4 times a week. 

Abu Aahour was suffering previously from cancer, one of his kidneys was removed due to this disease, and he still needs close medical follow-up for his condition.

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Meanwhile, the prisoner, Miqdad al-Hayh (25 years), from the town of Surif, Hebron district – and currently serving in the Eshil detention camp – is complaining of new complications; He suffers from the presence of fungi inside his stomach that causes him problems, especially after eating, and has demanded the detainee’s administration more than once to provide him with the necessary treatment and diagnose his condition, but to no avail, noting that he was injured during his arrest by several bullets that affected his health, and after the injury, he stayed in a hospital 40 days in a coma, which led to stomach rot, and he still suffers from problems with it until this moment,” according to the report.

As for the prisoner Musa Soufan (47 years) from Tulkarm, who is sentenced to life imprisonment and 15 years in the “Shata” detention center. The administration of the occupation prisons has been delaying the necessary examination and imaging procedures for years.

The commission confirmed in its report that the Israeli occupation authorities follow a systematic policy by disavowing international norms and covenants, which stipulate ensuring the safety of prisoners and providing them with the necessary treatment.

(Source / 06.05.2021)

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