‘Israel’ holds 4,277 Palestinians in jails

Human rights organization, HaMokek, said that Israeli occupation authorities are holding 4,277 Palestinians in its jails, including 435 administrative detainees held without charge or trial.

In its May report, the Israeli-based human rights organization, stated that there are 4,277 Palestinian “security” prisoners in Israeli jails.

The organization also said among the prisoners are 2,518 Palestinians serving a sentence and 1,324 remand detainees.

There are 435 administrative detainees held without charge or trial, as the organization said.

Administrative detention is illegal under international law, however, the occupation state uses it to repress the Palestinian people.

‘Israel’ routinely uses administrative detention and has, over the years, placed thousands of Palestinians behind by bars for periods ranging from several months to several years, without charging them, without telling them what they are accused of, and without disclosing the alleged evidence to them or to their lawyers.

In January, Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy groups said that the Israeli occupation detained 456 Palestinians during January 2021, including 93 minors and 8 women.

The groups said that the Israeli occupation authorities also issued 105 administrative detention orders in January only.

There are also 26 Palestinian prisoners before Oslo.

The number of Palestinian prisoners serving a sentence above 20 years is 497, while the number of prisoners serving life a sentence is 543.

There are 33 Palestinian prisoners serving more than 25 years of sentence, and 57 serving more than 20 years of sentence.

The groups also said that 355 Palestinian prisoners tested positive for COVID-19, 11 prisoners are suffering from cancer, and 300 prisoners have chronic diseases.

In 2020 only, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 4,634 Palestinians, among them 543 children and 128 women, in addition to issuing 1,114 administrative detention orders.

By the end of March 2021, the number of Palestinian prisoners and detainees reached 4,450, including 37 women, 140 children, and 440 administrative detainees.

Among the prisoners are 15 journalists, hundreds of university students, and ten Palestinian Legislative Council members.

(Source / 06.05.2021)

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