Bahr: Elections in Jerusalem is red line

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (Parliament) Ahmed Bahr affirmed that the occupied city of Jerusalem is a “red line”, calling on the Palestinians in all the occupied territories to support the “Sheikh Jarrah” neighborhood and work to strengthen the foundations of their steadfastness against attempts of displacement and Judaization.

This came in a press conference held by the Presidency of the Legislative Council, today, Wednesday, at the Council’s headquarters in Gaza, with the participation of deputies from the Fatah and Hamas blocs, in support of the Jerusalemites in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and against the decision of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to disrupt the elections.

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“The participation of Jerusalemites in the electoral process is a national right that is imposed a battle with the occupier, not begging for Zionist approval, which constitutes a major national sin,” Bahr said.

He added that the Legislative Council is proud of the revolution in Jerusalem and their victory over the occupation with their firm will, and the state of popular support from Gaza, West Bank, and the occupied territories in 1948 in the unity of a national position, which indicates the centrality of Jerusalem in the conflict, and in a message of challenge to the Israeli occupation and its crimes against the land and human.

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He indicated that Abbas’s decision to suspend the general elections constituted a blow to the national efforts and a coup against the democratic choice and the popular will, which forces the Legislative Council to continue bearing the secretariat as the parliamentary institution elected by the people, whose constitutional legitimacy remains until the legislative elections are held and the new council assumes its duties according to the Palestinian Basic Law.

He stressed that the Council will not allow the power vacuum that was the goal of Mahmoud Abbas behind his decision to suspend the parliamentary elections without any national references despite the end of his constitutional mandate since January 9, 2009, according to the Palestinian Basic Law.

Bahr indicated that the legal and national way out for the current situation is to reactivate the Legislative Council in the West Bank, just like in Gaza, to form the parliamentary reference for the state of vacuum on government performance in the West Bank, and an entry point for the reunification of national institutions.

He called on the parliamentary blocs and all elected members of the Legislative Council to shoulder their national responsibilities and return to work under the dome of the inclusive parliament between the West Bank and Gaza, calling on the Palestinian Authority to stop the disruption of parliamentary life in the West Bank and to end its security grip and to open the gates of the Legislative Council before the Speaker and its members to carry out their parliamentary duties.

He also called on the Palestinian factions and all the active forces to protect the Palestinian political system from the state of arbitrariness and exclusivity in the political decision far from the national group and work to form an inclusive national front to protect our people rights and work to liberate the national decision from any Israeli hegemony or subject it to foreign agendas.

On Friday, the President of the Authority issued a decree postponing the holding of the general elections, which had been called by a previous decree, without specifying another date for holding them.

The Palestinian elections were scheduled to take place in 3 stages during the current year: legislative (parliamentary) on May 22, presidential on July 31, and elections to the National Council on August 31.

(Source / 05.05.2021)

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