PA postpones elections; Hamas refuses

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced that Israel refused to give them an answer regarding holding the elections in the occupied city of Jerusalem, under the pretext of “the absence of an Israeli government.”

In a meeting held in Ramallah Thursday evening, Abbas stressed that the elections will not take place without the participation of Jerusalemites.

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The spokesman for the “Al Quds is our Destination” list, Muhammad Sabha, said that Hamas refused to attend the meeting and its position is clear and they refused to postpone, and they will not give any coverage for PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision.

In a statement that reached Days of Palestine, Sabha explained that a late invitation had been sent to them to attend a meeting of the Palestinian factions at the presidential headquarters in Ramallah, stressing that they had decided not to accept the invitation.

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He added that the reason for not attending; Firstly because we are against postponing the elections, and secondly, we will not be a cover for anyone to issue this decision.

On the repercussions of the decision to postpone the elections, Sabha said that the repercussions relate to two aspects; The first: What is related to stopping the wheel of what was agreed upon in the Cairo meeting and saving the Palestinian reality and creating legitimacy, and the second: repercussions on the ground.

(Source / 01.05.2021)

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