Mass rejection in Ramallah and Gaza of postponing the election

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Palestinian electoral lists, factions, and activists Thursday evening, organized a demonstration in the Gaza Strip and Ramallah refusing to postpone the legislative elections.

Hundreds of citizens participated in the Ramallah march in a demonstration that roamed the streets of the city amid chants calling for the elections to be held on time and not to be postponed.

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The demonstration came after a speech by the President of the Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, in which he said that the holding of elections depends on the approval of Israel to hold them in Jerusalem.

The participants chanted phrases calling on the president of the authority to approve the elections, “We want elections … the people want the ballot box.”

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The demonstrators called to go out in all squares and all governorates, and to challenge the occupation’s decision to prevent elections from taking place in Jerusalem.

Candidates for lists during the demonstration considered that postponing the elections is the biggest danger that the march of national reconciliation will face and rebuilding the political system, stressing that rejecting the elections is delegitimizing.

Hundreds of Palestinians also took to the streets, tonight, in mass rallies in several areas in the Gaza Strip refusing to postpone the elections.

The marches that roamed different areas of the Gaza Strip, despite the ban decision in the context of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, called for elections to be held on time and not to accept that the occupation prevented them from taking place in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

The participants, who waved Palestinian flags, chanted slogans demanding that the elections be held on time and that the elections are a right that cannot be postponed or canceled.

(Source / 01.05.2021)

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