HRW calls Abbas’s PA to cease security coordination with Israel

Days of Palestine – Gaza – In a dramatic escalation representative of global outrage against Israel’s tsunami of crimes against the people of occupied Palestine, New York-based Human Rights Watch has released a detailed legal report declaring that the Israeli government is committing crimes of apartheid.

Comprehensive and extremely well researched, the 213-page report titled A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution makes damning allegations of decades of persecution of the Palestinians.

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It cites Israel’s “intent to maintain the domination of Jewish Israelis over Palestinians” and dismisses the oft-repeated “security” propaganda used by Israel to justify its repressive policies.

Appropriately, it singles out the use of military rule to ensure a Jewish majority across the combined territories of Israel and the occupied West Bank.

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Expected to unnerve and unsettle the regime even beyond the charge of apartheid, are the recommendations made by HRW. Among these, one is directed to the Palestinian Authority (PA), calling on it to end its security cooperation with Israel.

The report called Mahmoud Abbas’s PA to cease all security coordination with the Israeli army that contributes to facilitating the crimes of apartheid and persecution in the OPT.

It called Abbas to incorporate crimes against humanity, including the crimes of persecution and apartheid, into national criminal law as well.

Meanwhile, the report called Palestinian Liberation Organization to adopt an advocacy strategy centered on the immediate attainment of the full human rights of Palestinians, rather than one that puts off attainment of human rights in favor of a particular political outcome.

Mahmoud Abbas will obviously not be pleased to have a small, albeit hugely significant, part of the HRW report focusing on a matter which remains the subject of much discontent among Palestinians. 

The PA-Israel security pact has for some time been criticized severely by leading members of Palestine’s various factions, but to date, Abbas has not yielded to calls for it to be scrapped.

In 2020, The Palestinian Authority represented by Mahmoud Abbas announced that it was renewing security and civil ties with Israel, which were severed a while amid Israel’s plans for unilateral West Bank annexation.

If the PA finally abandons collaboration with Israel’s genocidal security agencies in response to the HRW recommendation it will not only grant legitimacy to the report but also break the back of Israel’s illegal and immoral security dragnet in the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 01.05.2021)

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