Haniyeh: Postponing the elections means confiscating political right of the Palestinians

The head of the political bureau of “Hamas”, Ismail Haniyeh, Friday said that the decision to postpone the Palestinian elections is unfortunate and regrettable.

He added – in a televised speech published by Al Aqsa TV – that the unfortunate decision to postpone the elections put the Palestinian arena in a region that resembles a vacuum, and there are big issues that should have been addressed through the institutions that will be formed after the elections.

Haniyeh added that postponing the elections means canceling them and confiscating the political right of the Palestinians.

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He pointed out that there is no disagreement over the necessity of holding elections in Jerusalem, but the disagreement over the Palestinian decision depends on the decision of the Israeli occupation.

He stressed that the Palestinians are united in the battle of Jerusalem, and are committed to the necessity of holding elections in Jerusalem.

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He pointed out that his movement provided very high flexibility and had the highest levels of national and historical responsibility in order to achieve unity and reconciliation.

“We always wanted to overcome the difficulties in order to reach this stage (the legislative elections) within the roadmap that we agreed upon in Istanbul and Cairo, so that the electoral process ends within 6 months,” Haniyeh added.

He continued that we had hoped that the elections would proceed until its end, but unfortunately, it was not completed, for reasons that are not convincing at all, stressing that his movement was and still is with the elections being held on their specified dates, and confirming that the elections should be held in Jerusalem.

Haniyeh called for holding a national meeting that brings together all the factions and forces to study how to work during the next period, adding: “We still believe that we can hold the elections on the date of 5-22 in Jerusalem first.”

(Source / 01.05.2021)

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