Israel Closes Gaza Fishing Zone

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Israeli authorities Monday closed the Gaza sea in the face of Palestinian fishermen, “in response to the rocket fire.”

Coordinator of the Union of Fishermen’s Committees, Zakaria Bakr, said that we have been informed by the competent authorities of the decision of the Israeli occupation authorities to completely close the sea to Palestinian fishermen, from dawn today until further notice.

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He added in a statement to Quds Press that this is an unjust decision that deprives 4 thousand fishermen of their daily food, and increases the burdens on them, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” Abd al-Latif Al-Qanou’ said that the closing of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip to fishermen, is a flagrant violation of their rights, and one of the forms of continuous aggression against the Palestinian people.

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Al-Qanou’ said in a written statement that the aggressive policy of the Israeli occupation towards our Palestinian people will not break the spirit of their steadfastness or break their arms and limit their resolve.

He added that we will not accept measures of tightening and stress again on our Palestinian people, and the Zionist occupation bears the consequences of its aggressive behavior.

(Source / 27.04.2021)

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