UAE condemns Israeli extremists’ violence in Jerusalem against Palestinians

The United Arab Emirates on Sunday called on the occupation state of ‘Israel’ to reduce tensions in Jerusalem and condemned a recent march by an extremist Israeli group in the city.

In a rare statement criticizing ‘Israel’ since the two signed a normalization deal last year, the UAE said, “The United Arab Emirates has expressed concern over the acts of violence committed by right-wing extremist groups in the occupied East Jerusalem, which have resulted in injuries among civilians.”

The UAE also called upon the Israeli occupation authorities “to assume responsibility toward de-escalation and putting an end to all aggressions and practices that perpetuate tension and hostility.”

It also underlined “the necessity of preserving the historical identity of the occupied city of Jerusalem.”

This came after a wave of violence against Palestinians in the city, as dozens of Palestinians were wounded by extremist Israeli settlers, in violent confrontations that erupted in the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday night, following a march by far-right Israelis.

The march organized by the far-right, anti-Arab group Lehava followed a week of violent assaults on Palestinians living inside the Green Lines and Palestinian residents of central Jerusalem.

Chanting “Death To Arabs,” the far-right Israelis attempted to break through police roadblocks and assaulted left-wing Israelis protesting against Lehava.

Ahead of the march, far-right Israelis called for violence and urged others to arm themselves in social media posts.

In one message group, a member wrote: “If one of the attackers isn’t hanged, this won’t end,” while in another group a member wrote: “We’re burning Arabs today, the Molotov cocktails are already in the trunk.”

In the fist week of the holy month of Ramadan, the Israeli occupation forces attacked Palestinian worshipers while they were leaving the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem following night-time (Taraweh) prayers.

The Israeli police used water cannons and stun grenades to clamp down on the worshipers at the Damascus Gate area, on the south entrance to the Old City.

The first provocation by Israeli occupation forces came last Tuesday, the first day of Ramadan, when Israeli police turned off speakers around the al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli forces also blocked thousands of Palestinians from towns and villages of the occupied West Bank from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque to perform the first Friday prayer of the holy month of Ramadan.

Moreover, in the same day, the Israeli forces seized the Iftar (end of fast) meals intended for the people who were fasting near the Mosque compound, smashed the door of a mosque in the area, and sabotaged the loudspeakers prevent the call for the evening prayer from Al-Aqsa Mosque’s minarets.

The UAE was the first country to agree to normalize ties with the occupation state under the Abraham Accords, a pact brokered by the United States, a move that was followed by Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan.

The Palestinians condemned the normalization agreements, saying they encouraged Israel’s denial of their rights and do not serve the Palestinian cause.

(Source / 26.04.2021)

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