450 Palestinians injured during Israeli violations in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Medical sources confirmed that the number of injuries that were dealt with as a result of the occupation violations in Jerusalem during the past two days amounted to 450 injuries.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society stated in its data that its teams dealt with 105 injuries as a result of the Israeli occupation attacks in the city of Jerusalem on Thursday (April 22), while 20 injuries were dealt with yesterday, Friday (April 23).

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It indicated that there were cases that required her to be hospitalized, pointing out that the injuries were described as mild to moderate.

For its part, the Al-Amal Association for Health Services confirmed that its teams dealt with 250 different injuries in Bab al-Amud and al-Sahira on Wednesday including 50 injuries with rubber bullets.

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In detail, the association stated that the paramedics provided assistance to 140 injuries due to sound bombs, and 60 injuries as a result of beating them by the Israeli occupation soldiers, as a result of their escape from the wastewater vehicle, and attacks by settlers.

On Friday, Al-Amal dealt with 55 injuries, including 11 with rubber bullets, 30 with sound bombs, and 14 injuries as a result of the Israeli forces beaten them, in the vicinity of Bab al-Amoud and al-Sahira.

On the same day, 7 injuries were dealt with in the town of Al-Issawiya, north-east of occupied Jerusalem, including 5 injuries of rubber bullets, and two injuries that fell while fleeing from the Israeli occupation forces.

In Sheikh Jarrah and Wadi Al-Jouz, 11 injuries of Palestinian youths in Jerusalem were dealt with, including two with rubber wounds, and the rest with stun grenades.

It is noteworthy that yesterday witnessed very violent clashes with the Israeli occupation in several towns in Jerusalem, in protest against what is happening in the city in terms of assaults and violations by the occupation police since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

During the past few days, the medical teams have been obstructing their work in Bab al-Amud and al-Sahira by the Israeli occupation forces, as they were prevented from accessing some injured cases during the confrontations that were arrested, and a number of paramedics were also beaten.

(Source / 25.04.2021)

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