Jerusalem Uprising continues… Arrests and injuries among native Palestinians

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The Jerusalem Uprising continued throughout occupied Jerusalem last night despite the Israeli barbaric repression.

The Red Crescent said that 20 native Palestinians got wounded during confrontations that erupted near the old city in the occupied holy city.

Meanwhile, the Israeli police said that a settlers’ guard got wounded after being hit with stones in Silwan.

Young Palestinians targeted several settlement outposts using fireworks and Molotov cocktails.

Confrontations erupted in Bat Al Hawa, Bab Al Amoud, Al Tour, Sheikh Jarrah, Issawiyyeh, and the old city. An Israeli soldier has been wounded during confrontations in Bab Al Amoud, according to a video by Al Qastal.

Israeli forces arrested several young men near the old city. Video footage showcased Israeli forces savagely attacking detained young men.

In the same vein, locals destroyed Israeli surveillance cameras, which have been used by the occupation state to spy on native Palestinians.

In Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinians’ properties, destroying several cars.

Israeli forces also attacked the journalist Zaina Halawani and photojournalist Wahbi Makkiyyeh while they were covering the events in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Locals attacked the Israeli Central Court in the occupied city, while Israeli media reported that the chief of the Israeli police in the eastern part of Jerusalem has been wounded.

Inside Al Aqsa mosque, masses of worshipers protested and chanted praising the resistance.

(Source / 24.04.2021)

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