Israeli authorities arrest 50 native Palestinians in Jerusalem

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli military sources said that nearly 50 native Palestinians were arrested throughout occupied Jerusalem after locals confronted a settlers’ attack near Al Aqsa mosque last night.

The Israeli police said in a statement published in Israeli posts, that most of those arrested took part in defending worshipers last night, adding that 20 Israeli policemen were wounded during the Israeli attack.

Confrontations erupted between settlers, backed by Israeli forces, and locals. The confrontations, which started following Taraweeh prayer and continued until the dawn of Friday and spread throughout the holy city, started when groups of Israeli settlers, chanting “death for Arabs”, attacked worshipers while they were leaving Al Aqsa mosque after performing Taraweeh.

The Red Crescent said that over 105 native Palestinians were wounded, including women and children.

During the attack, a group of Israeli settlers gathered at street NO.1, which separates the eastern and western parts of Jerusalem and searched IDs to attack native Palestinians.

(Source / 23.04.2021)

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