Israeli forces detain five Palestinians from Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation forces arrested five Palestinians at dawn today, Tuesday, during their storming of the Old City in occupied Jerusalem and the town of Al-Tur, to the east.

Local sources reported that the occupation intelligence and police stormed the Al-Saadia neighborhood in the Old City of Jerusalem, and arrested Yusef Al-Hazinah, Nawras Abu Ghazal, Isa Miteb, and Yazan Harbawi, as well as Muhammad Haroun from the town of Al-Tur, east of Jerusalem.

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This comes within the daily arrests campaigns practiced by the occupation forces against Palestinians in the West Bank, as well as campaigns of house searches and destruction of properties.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israel forces a Palestinian to demolish his own home in Jabal Al-Mukaber, Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The occupation municipality in Jerusalem forced the citizen Amjad Muslim Jaabis, a resident of Jabal Mukaber in the Bashir neighborhood / American Street, to demolish his house, under the pretext of not being licensed.

The occupation authorities had given the citizen Jaabis five days to demolish his house, or he will pay an exorbitant amount of money.

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Unable to afford the unreasonably high fees, Jaabis decided to demolish his house by himself.

Many Palestinian families like Jaabis, are forced to demolish their homes to avoid the high costs of fighting the decision at court or even paying the municipality‘s crew fees.

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The village of Jabal Al-Mukaber is located on the highest hill to the southeast of occupied Jerusalem. It is bordered on the east by the villages of Abu Dis and as-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya, to the north by Silwan and the Old City, to the west by Al-Thawri and Sur Baher, and the south by Sheikh Saad and Sur Baher, with an area of 5021 dunums.

The town, from time to time, is subjected to notifications to stop construction and demolition by the Israeli authorities, to restrict and displace the Jerusalemites.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli forces confiscate a tractor in the northern Jordan Valley

Days of Palestine – Jordan Valley – Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces seized a tractor in Bardala village in the northern Jordan Valley.

The official in the Jordan Valley file in Tubas governorate, Moataz Bisharat, stated that the occupation raided the village and seized an agricultural tractor owned by Izzat Ahmed Khunifis.

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To be noted, Israeli forces usually seize farm equipment and tools as a method to force them to leave their land while Israeli Jewish settlers are allowed to freely work on seized Palestinian land in those areas.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli plan to expel Palestinian residents from Jaffa

Days of Palestine – Jaffa – Confrontations renewed, late last night, and for the second day in a row, between the Palestinians in Jaffa, the center of occupied Palestine in 1948, and the Israeli police, against the plan of expelling them from the city.

Local sources reported that the Israeli occupation police arrested three Palestinians from inside the country, after clashes that took place in the city of Jaffa during a demonstration in protest against the breach of a Palestinian home and the Israeli settlers’ provocations against them.

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They added that among the detainees was a 14-year-old minor, who was arrested by the Israeli police for allegedly shooting fireworks in the air.

The sources indicated that Palestinian citizens organized a protest stand near the settlers’ religious institute in the Al-Jabaliya neighborhood, while the Israeli police reinforced their presence in the city.

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The confrontations took place after settler groups organized a march calling for the expulsion of Palestinian citizens from the city, during which they raised Israeli flags and chanted racist slogans.

Palestinian sources in the city stated that the Israeli police attacked the demonstration of Palestinian citizens, and fired sound and tear gas canisters at them, and did not object to the settlers’ march.

For weeks, the city of Jaffa has been witnessing continuous protests against the policies of the government company “Amidar” of the so-called “Israel Lands Administration” against the people of the city, especially after the police announced their intention to evacuate one of the Arab homes inhabited by an Arab family and sell it to a settler rabbi.

The Israeli occupation authorities had established several outposts in the heart of Jaffa, inhabited by ultra-racist settlers, with the aim of Judaizing Jaffa, changing the demographics of the city, in order to favor the Jews, terrorizing the Palestinian residents of the city, and forcing them to leave the city.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israel forces Palestinian to self-demolish his house in Jerusalem

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – The Israeli occupation authorities forced a Palestinian citizen from Jabal al-Mukaber in Jerusalem to self-demolish his home, on the grounds that it was not licensed.

Local sources indicated that the Israeli occupation authorities forced Amjad Muslim Jaabis, a resident of Jabal Mukaber, to demolish his house under construction, claiming that it was not licensed.

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The Israeli occupation authorities had given Jaabis five days to demolish his home on his own, or else he will be fined through the occupation municipality.

The demolitions come under the pretext of non-licensing that the Israeli occupation municipality uses to prevent the natural expansion of Palestinians, restrict them, confiscate their lands to Judaize the Holy City, and fully control the land.

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Since the occupation of the city in 1967, Israel has demolished more than 2,000 homes in Jerusalem, and it has pursued a systematic, racist policy of aggression towards Jerusalemites. 

Israel demolishes Palestinian homes with the aim of tightening control over Jerusalem and Judaizing it, and tightening the noose on its original inhabitants; And is through a series of arbitrary decisions and procedures, which affected all aspects of the daily life of Jerusalemites.

Among these measures, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished homes and establishments after placing many obstacles in the way of issuing building permits for the benefit of Jerusalemites.

At a time when the Israeli occupation authorities demolish Palestinian homes, they are approving building permits for thousands of housing units in Israeli settlements built on Jerusalem lands.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), n East Jerusalem, as in Area C of the West Bank, a restrictive planning regime applied by Israel makes it virtually impossible for Palestinians to obtain building permits, impeding the development of adequate housing, infrastructure, and livelihoods.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Hundreds of Israeli settlers storm Al-Aqsa Mosque

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Israeli settlers continued their incursions Tuesday to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, under heavy guard from the Israeli occupation forces.

The Islamic Endowments Department in occupied Jerusalem reported that 261 settlers, including 205 Jewish students, stormed Al-Aqsa, organized provocative tours in its courtyards, and performed Talmudic rituals in the eastern region.

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It explained that three officers of the occupation police also stormed the mosque, and organized an exploratory tour in its courtyards.

The Israeli occupation police continue to impose restrictions on the entry of worshipers from Jerusalem and the occupied territories in 1948 to the mosque, and their personal identities are kept at its external gates.

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(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli settlers assault shepherds south of Hebron

Days of Palestine – Hebron – Israeli settlers today assaulted Palestinian shepherds, east of Yatta to the south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron, according to local sources.

The Coordinator of the Protection and Resilience Committees, Fouad Al-Amor confirmed that the shepherds in the Maghair Al-Ubaid area were attacked by settlers from the “Ma’on” settlement, which is built on citizens’ lands.

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Al-Amor pointed to the escalation of attacks by settlers and the occupation forces against Palestinian citizens and their properties to force them to leave their lands in favor of settlement expansion operations.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli military infiltrates southern Gaza border, raze lands

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Today, Wednesday, several Israeli military vehicles penetrated into the border areas of the citizens east of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, and razed farmlands, according to local sources.

Local sources reported that seven Israeli military vehicles, including bulldozers and tanks, launched from the occupation sites located at the border east of Rafah and penetrated for tens of meters into the lands of the citizens in the Al-Nahda neighborhood in the east of the city and erected earth mounds amidst a barrage of gunfire and smoke bombs.

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International agencies have denounced the almost daily Israeli infiltration into and the destruction of Gaza’s border farmland, often the main source of living for hundreds of families.

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(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli settlers storm archaeological area in Sebastia

Days of Palestine – Nablus – Dozens of Israeli settlers stormed, this morning, Wednesday, the archaeological site in the town of Sebastia, north of Nablus.

Sebastia Mayor Mohamad Azim stated that dozens of settlers stormed the archaeological site, amid strict military measures by the Israeli occupation forces, and the site and the roads leading to it were closed to citizens.

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Azim pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces had been deployed since the early hours of the morning in the streets of the town and on the roofs of citizens’ homes.

Azim indicated that this storming comes according to a fixed program announced by the settlers to storm the site every Wednesday.

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For nearly four months, settlers have organized incursions into the archaeological site every Wednesday, under the escort of the Israeli occupation army.

Sebastia town is subjected to frequent incursions by the occupation forces, and the frequent closure of the archaeological site, to secure the entry of Jewish tourists who perform religious rituals, claiming that it is Israeli territory.

The Israeli occupation threatens to remove the Palestinian flagpole, which reaches a height of 17 meters and is erected in “Al-Bayader Square” in the town, which is an area classified “B”.

The so-called Civil Administration of the Israeli occupation entity had previously demanded the Sebastia municipality to remove the pole and the Palestinian flag from Al-Baidar Square.

Archaeological sites in the West Bank have been exposed since the end of the eighties to the occupation’s attempts to place them under its administration, and Sebastia has actually been transformed into the so-called Israeli public gardens.

Later, Sebastia was considered part of the nearby settlement of “Shafi Shimron”, until the settlers carried signboards that read, “Sebastia Public Garden.”

Residents of the town of Sebastia in the northern West Bank seek to place it on the world tourism map, as it is one of the important archaeological sites, and to protect it from Israeli attempts to control it.

(Source / 21.04.2021)

Israeli forces arrest 3 Palestinian citizens from the West Bank, including a journalist

Days of Palestine – Ramallah – Today, Wednesday, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three Palestinians, including a journalist, after they raided and searched their homes and tampered with their contents in separate areas of the occupied West Bank.

In Ramallah, the Israeli occupation forces arrested, at dawn today, journalist Alaa Al-Rimawi, after storming his home in Al Irsal neighborhood in Al-Bireh.

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According to his family, the Israeli army forces stormed the house and searched it, and confiscated his mobile phone and laptop.

The Israeli force raided the house, arrested Al-Rimawi, and transferred him to an unknown destination, the family confirmed.

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His family stated that Alaa informed them that he had entered a hunger strike from the moment he was arrested.

Al-Rimawi, an ex-prisoner, works as a specialist in Israeli affairs, and as a correspondent for many local and foreign media outlets.

Al-Rimawi spent more than 10 years in the Israeli occupation prisons, a number of them in administrative detention.

In Hebron, the Israeli occupation forces arrested two citizens, in the south of the West Bank.

According to local sources, the occupation forces arrested Muhammad Ali al-Jabour from the town of “Yatta”, south of Hebron, and the freed prisoner, Nidal Omran al-Qawasmi, from the city of Hebron, after raiding their homes and tampering with their contents.

(Source / 21.04.2021)