OCHA: 553 Israeli checkpoints, 465 km of apartheid wall in West Bank lands

Ramallah (QNN)- The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that there are 553 Israeli military checkpoints throughout the West Bank, while 465 km of the apartheid wall is built on West Bank lands, swallowing thousands of dunums.

A report by OCHA said that the occupation state set 154 checkpoints on roads, 108 temporary checkpoints, and 71 permanent checkpoints. It added that the occupation state placed 86 earthen berms, 68 barricades, 49 roadblocks, and 20 earth mounds.

Israeli soldiers carry out daily wide-range search campaigns throughout the West Bank’s roads, especially those leading to occupied Jerusalem or 1948-occupied cities.

Al those military checkpoints prevent most native Palestinians from reaching the lands behind the apartheid wall.

The report added that 465 km of the apartheid wall has been built on West Bank lands, while its height reaches eight meters.

‘Israel’ started building the apartheid wall back in 2002. It is at occupying more land and ethnically cleanse as many lands as possible. It directly affects 180 communities, which are home to 300,000 native Palestinians.

So far, the wall has swallowed 46% of the West Bank and isolated occupied Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank cities. It also denies millions of Palestinians of their right of movement and prevents thousands of workers from freely go to their workplaces every day.

(Source / 19.04.2021)

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