Hamas lists people with disabilities on electoral list for Palestinian parliament

Hamas Movement nominated four persons with disabilities in the first 69 centers out of 132 in its electoral list “Al Quds is our Destiny” for the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections.

The community activist concerned with the issues of the wounded and the handicapped, Zarif al-Ghora, considered the interest of the list of Hamas in the category of the wounded and the disabled as an important step in regaining their rights guaranteed by the law.

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Al-Ghora, one of the list’s candidates, described during his interview with “Palestine” newspaper, “Al Quds is our Destiny” list included four wounded and disabled people, including a woman, as an unusual precedent, unlike the other lists that did not include any of them.

Al-Ghora indicated that the list is also the only one to nominate a woman with disabilities, who is an academic university doctor, to represent academics and women with disabilities. He added that before the elections, we worked a lot to enhance the political and societal participation of people with disabilities in general, and in particular their participation in the municipal, legislative or presidential elections.

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Al-Ghora continued that people with disabilities and the wounded in front of a scene have never imagined it to happen, and this is due to the belief of Hamas in particular, that they are a segment of important societal value and have their presence and their belief in the capabilities of the four candidates.

He considered this step evidence that “Al Quds is our Destiny” is the list of all Palestinians, as it includes people with disabilities, the wounded, prisoners, and the rest of the community.

(Source / 18.04.2021)

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