Warplanes Bomb Several Sites in the Besieged Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes attacked, on Saturday at dawn, several sites in the besieged Gaza Strip after bombarding the coastal region less than one day ago, during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to Shehab News correspondent, Israeli aircraft conducted a new round of bombings, targeting a site belonging to the Al-Qassam Brigades, in the southern Gaza Strip, northwest of Rafah.

He added that the occupation army fired missiles into agricultural lands in the Al-Muharrat area, also northwest of Rafah. There were no reports of casualties.

Military aircraft fired into farmlands in the central Gaza Strip, east of Al-Bureij, in addition to the Netzarim area, south of Gaza City.

The occupation army spokesman claimed that the aerial assault was in response to an alleged rocket which was reportedly fired from the Gaza Strip earlier Friday night.

The army claimed that it struck an alleged “Hamas training facility”, a “concrete production plant for tunnels”, and a “weapons storage site”.

The army’s accusations have yet to be confirmed.

Israeli warplanes and drones struck various sites on Thursday night, causing damage but no casualties.

(Source / 17.04.2021)

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