4500 Palestinians are held in Israeli jails, including 41 women and 140 minors

Palestinian prisoners’ advocacy groups said that 4500 Palestinians are currently held in Israeli jails, including 41 women and 140 minors less than 18 years of age.

Marking the Palestinian Prisoner’s Day, April 17, several prisoners’ advocacy groups said in a joint statement that Israeli occupation has detained 1400 Palestinians since the start of this year, among them 230 minors and 39 women, while it issued 280 administrative detention orders bringing the total number of Palestinians held in administrative detention without charge or trial to 440.

Since January 2021, Occupied East Jerusalem had the highest number of arbitrary detentions, as the number of the detainees reached 500 people, among them 144 minors and 28 women.

The groups also said 25 Palestinians arrested and sentenced to more than 30 years since before the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993 and they remain behind bars despite the fact they should have been released as far back as 2014 in a US-brokered deal aimed at restarting the stalled peace negotiations, which ‘Israel’ has reneged on.

The groups said that 543 Palestinians have been sentenced to one or more life terms.

(Source / 17.04.2021)

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