Israel approves dispossession of Palestinian lands in the West Bank

Hebrew media sources said that the Jewish National Fund approved, on Sunday, a change in its policy regarding land acquisition in the occupied West Bank, and decided to confiscate land in areas where isolated settlements exist, including in the governorates of Nablus and Jenin northern West Bank.

The Hebrew news site Walla stated that the fund’s management had agreed in principle last February to change its policy regarding land acquisition in the West Bank, and approved a budget for that in the amount of $ 38 million. The fund’s board of directors is expected to finally approve the draft resolution, on the 22nd of this April.

The website stated that the Jewish National Fund would do what it claimed to purchase private lands, in order to expand the existing settlements.

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It indicated that the fund, for years abstained from operating openly in the West Bank, and worked through its branches, which purchased land and transferred budgets on its behalf.

The website also pointed out that this change in the fund’s policy came after the Israeli right-wing took control of most of the Israeli institutions, including the National Fund, which is headed by a right-wing figure.

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The site indicated that the left-wing parties represented in the fund’s management and board of directors oppose the change in the fund’s policy, and are exerting strong pressure on the members of the board of directors to oppose the final vote on the decision to change the fund’s policy, next week.

The website quoted a member of Knesset, Gilad Karev, from the Labor Party, and a member of the World Zionist Organization, as saying that the right-wing leadership inside Kern Kimet carried out a dangerous swift step in an issue with political, diplomatic, and security implications, and the fact that such a step took place immediately after the elections, before forming a government, the feeling was reinforced that the current leadership of Kern Kimmet was seeking to transform the organization into another long arm of the settlements project.

The Jewish National Fund, a Zionist organization founded in 1901 as a means of collecting money from Jews and the establishment of Jewish settlements.

(Source / 13.04.2021)

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