Mayor of Hebron: The proportional elections law is a crime against the Palestinian voter

Days of Palestine – Hebron – The mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneina, said today, Wednesday that he is against the candidacy of members of the Fatah Central Committee in the legislative elections.

The leader of Fatah Abu Sneina added in a statement to the “Quds Network” that the priority was to allow the competencies of the Fatah movement to run for elections, and I cannot find an explanation for the dismissal of a central member from Fatah and then allowing other members to run.

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He pointed out that the Israeli occupation will not prevent elections in Hebron, including in the area classified “C”, despite the Palestinian security’s uncontrol over it, stressing that elections will take place naturally in Hebron if the electoral process is completed.

The mayor of Hebron considered that the elections law with proportional representation is a crime against the Palestinian voter, and it is the largest recipe for the fragmentation of society, especially the tribal society, adding: “This law does not take into account the nature of Palestinian society after long years of absence from democracy and will prevent many from participating after the abolition of the system of the individual district.”

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He also added that all lists are similar in programs, which will make it difficult to choose between them, especially with the adoption of a proportional representation system, which will undermine selection opportunities.

In another context, the mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneina, emphasized that the multiplicity of the Fatah movement’s lists in the elections is a satisfactory and negative phenomenon, and the uniqueness of forming the list made many to look for other alternatives.

Abu Sneina believes that the Hebron Governorate will have a prominent role in contributing to the weighting of the winning list, and if Hebron punishes any of the blocs, the punished bloc will pay the price, given the size of Hebron.

(Source / 08.04.2021)

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