53 settlers storm the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Dozens of Israeli settlers today, Wednesday, stormed the courtyards of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in the occupied city of Jerusalem, under the escort of the Israeli occupation police.

The office of public relations and media in the Islamic Endowments Department, Firas Al-Dibs, stated in press statements that 28 settlers and 25 students of Jewish institutes stormed the Al-Aqsa yards and performed Talmudic rituals.

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In the same context, the Israeli police prevented Palestinian citizens coming from the West Bank from entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the “Bab Al-Sahira” area, as part of their deliberate steps to restrict worshipers and besiege Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Al-Aqsa Mosque is witnessing daily (except for Friday and Saturday) incursions and violations by settlers and the Israeli police, and on two shifts in the morning and evening.

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(Source / 07.04.2021)

Israel to approve of building 540 settlement units south of Jerusalem

The Planning and Building Committee of the Israeli occupation municipality will meet in Jerusalem today, Wednesday, to approve plans to build settlements south of Jerusalem, for the first time since the administration of US President Joe Biden took office on January 20.

Haaretz newspaper reported that the committee is expected to approve a plan to build 540 new settlement units in the area south of Jerusalem and on Mount Abu Ghneim, north of Bethlehem, between the settlements of Har Homa and Givat Hamatos.

The newspaper pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities will start building more than 2000 housing units in the settlement of “Givat Hamatos”, also located south of Jerusalem.

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It is noteworthy that the settlement construction scheme in “Har Homa” and “Givat Hamatos” geographically isolates the Jerusalem village of “Beit Safafa” from its Palestinian surroundings and this coincides with the creation of settlement expansion.

The human rights organizations indicate that settlement expansion in “Har Homa” and “Givat Hamatos” will prevent the division of the eastern and western parts of Jerusalem in any possible future political settlement between the occupation government and the Palestinians.

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According to Haaretz, construction in Har Homa is a particularly sensitive issue for the US administration and the international community in general, as it is one of the only two settlement neighborhoods that were built on the Palestinian side of the Green Line in Jerusalem after the Oslo Accords.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced in a special press conference a plan to build 3,500 settlement units east of occupied Jerusalem, as part of the expansion of the settlement project in the area known as “E1”, in light of the acceleration of settlement construction and the approval of settlement plans during the era of the administration Former American headed by Donald Trump.

In this context, the newspaper quoted Ir Amim, the planning lobby coordinator at the Israeli human rights association, “The payment of the settlement plan is disturbing news for those who believed that changing administrations in the United States will force Israel to curb settlement construction.”

In 2010, Tel Aviv’s approval to build 1,600 settlement units in the “Ramat Shlomo” settlement on the lands of the town of Shuafat, north of occupied Jerusalem, sparked an Israeli-American crisis, as the decision coincided with the presence of US Vice President Joe Biden in the entity.

With the election of Biden as President of the United States of America after 10 years, the incident comes to mind, raising questions about Biden’s position on settlement, after his inauguration as president on January 20.

The US Democratic Party, to which Biden belongs, and the US president-elect himself, are opposed to the settlement, as he expressed this during his election campaign.

(Source / 07.04.2021)

Killing, arresting, demolishing and displacement .. Amnesty International harshly criticizes “Israel”

Amnesty International condemned the Israeli occupation by using excessive force against the Palestinians, which caused the imposition of coercive measures, which caused the displacement of hundreds of Palestinian families in the occupied territories, the demolition of hundreds of homes, the imposition of unfair discrimination, and killings and arrests.

In its annual report for the year 2020, the organization stated that the Israeli occupation forces tortured children with all kinds of torture and other ill-treatment, and detained hundreds of them in arbitrary administrative detention, and continued to restrict freedom of movement in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, exposing its residents to collective punishment, exacerbating the crises they are experiencing. 

It also stated that Israel maintained its illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip, targeting civilians who did not pose any imminent threat to the lives of others.

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With regard to forced relocation, forced evictions and home demolitions; “Israel” demolished 848 residential or used buildings in the occupied West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, causing the displacement of 996 Palestinians from their homes, and in other cases confiscating residential buildings. 

Punitive demolitions are collective punishment, which is prohibited under international law, in addition to forced evictions. .

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(Source / 07.04.2021)

Israel plans to deploy undercover forces inside Palestinian community

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, PALESTINOW.COM — Israel’s Channel 12 reported that the Israeli police are planning to form a new undercover unit to deploy it among native Palestinians in the occupied-1948 territories under the pretext of fighting crime.

The unit will be formed under the supervision of the border police, which works under the Israeli army’s supervision.

The channel added the new unit will contain dozens of members, who had worked as undercover soldiers in the West Bank and Jerusalem and on the borders with Egypt.

The new unit is intended to start working within a few months. Its members will disguise as native Palestinians and try to blend in with the locals.

(Source / 07.04.2021)

IOF brutally shot Palestinian couple, one killed another injured

OCCUPIED AL-QUDS, PALESTINOW.COM — A Palestinian citizen was shot dead and his wife was injured on Tuesday morning when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) opened fire at a car in the northwest of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian health ministry said that a citizen was rushed to Palestine Hospital in Ramallah city in critical condition and later pronounced dead after he was wounded by Israeli gunfire in his head.

The victim’s wife also suffered a serious bullet injury in her back and received medical assistance at the hospital. Her condition was described by the health ministry as stable.

Israeli forces opened fire at the Palestinian couple as they were traveling aboard a car near Bir Nabala village, northwest of Jerusalem.

Dozens of Israeli troops stormed last night and at dawn Tuesday the villages of Bir Nabala and Jib and clashed with local youths.

Local sources identified the victim as 42-year-old Osamah Sidqi Mansour, a resident of Biddu village in west Jerusalem.

(Source / 07.04.2021)

On Palestine Children’s Day, 140 minors still held inside Israeli prisons

RAMALLAH, PALESTINOW.COM — Marking Palestine Children’s Day, the Palestine Prisoners’ Club revealed that there are 140 Palestinian children in Israel jails, including two under administrative detention.

According to the Defense for Children International-Palestine, every year between 500 and 700 Palestinian children are prosecuted by Israel in military courts.

Until the end of March 2021, human rights groups have counted 230 Palestinian children detained by the Israeli occupation, mostly from Jerusalem.

Dylan Williams, former US Senate staffer and senior vice president of the advocacy group J Street, tweeted last month: “Harassment of young Palestinian children by Israeli settlers and their frequent arrest and detention by Israeli forces comprises a pattern of international law violations — and may also constitute repeated violations of US law to the extent US-sourced military equipment is used.”

Palestine Children’s Day is observed on 5th April every year.

(Source / 07.04.2021)