Bahar: Excluding Hassan Salameh denies the prisoners’ sacrifices

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Dr. Ahmed Bahar in a statement after the Election Court announces the exclusion of the prisoner in the Israeli jails, Hassan Salameh, from the “Al-Quds Our Destination” list said that we hoped the Central Elections Commission would respect the sacrifices of our heroic prisoners. 

“It was obligated to take decisions and directions that take into account the conditions of our heroic prisoners and preserve their rights, both in terms of candidacy and voting, noting that the occupation prevents the prisoners from exercising their right to register for the elections,” Bahar added.

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 He called on the Central Elections Commission and the Elections Court to find ways and mechanisms consistent with the conditions of the prisoners who sacrificed for their homeland; Expressing his disapproval of the decision.

He also called on all the Palestinians to support the Palestinian prisoner, especially Hassan Salameh and his right to run for the upcoming general elections, and all competent authorities to support the position of the Palestinian heroic prisoners, especially since the occupation confiscates many of their rights and they are often unable to register in the voters ’registry during the prescribed period.

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(Source / 05.04.2021)

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