Palestinians commemorate the 45th anniversary of Land Day

The Palestinians today, Tuesday, commemorate the 45th anniversary of Land Day, through a series of activities that include laying wreaths of flowers on the tombs of the Land Day martyrs, in Sakhnin, Arrabeh, Deir Hanna, Kafr Kanna, and Taybeh.

The activities approved by the High Follow-up Committee for the Arab masses, the popular committees, and the towns of the Land Day Triangle, include rallies in Deir Hanna, Sakhnin, and Arraba at 2:30 p.m., culminating in a march hosted by Araba, which will conclude at 4:30 pm with a central festival in the city market.

The Follow-up Committee called for broad participation and commitment to its decisions to prevent all-partisan manifestations and to raise the Palestinian flag alone, and the slogans that it identifies, to be the memory of Land Day to reinforce the building of national unity and consolidate it.

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The follow-up committee, activities, and national and popular forces saluted the martyrs of the eternal Land Day, who gave their blood defense of truth and dignity: Kheir Yassin from Arraba, Raja Abu Rayya, Khadija Shawahneh, Khader Khalayleh from Sakhnin, Mohsen Taha from Kafr Kanna, and Raafat Al Zuhairi From Nour Shams camp – Tulkarm, who was killed on the land of Al-Taybeh, along with hundreds of wounded and detainees.

(Source / 30.03.2021)

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