Major General “Abu Naim”: Gaza Strip witnessing an advanced state of security and stability

Days of Palestine – Gaza – The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Security in Gaza, Major General Tawfiq Abu Naim, confirmed that the Gaza Strip is witnessing an advanced state of security and stability, despite the lack of capabilities that the ministry possesses, and the number of pressures facing the sector.

Major General Abu Naim attributed the security situation in the Gaza Strip, due to the fact that the police and security services in the Strip work within an integrated professional system.

Abu Naim said, “The security system in Gaza benefited from previous experiences, and avoided anything that might affect the state of stability within society.”

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior, since the era of the martyr Minister Saeed Seyam, has been working through firm foundations and a national security doctrine aimed at protecting the homeland and serving the citizen, regardless of any partisan or factional considerations, and this is what the successive leadership of the ministry has pursued over the past years.

He emphasized that the process of building and development in the Ministry of Interior is a “cumulative” process on a professional basis, pointing out that everyone who obtains the honor of serving our people in leading this ministry completes the process of sacrifice and giving.

Strong Relationship

According to the relationship between the Ministry of Interior and society, Major General Abu Naim pointed out that there is a close relationship that links the Ministry of Interior with all classes of society, including families, factions, civil society institutions, trade unions, and businessmen, and religious institutions.

Abu Naim stressed that the Interior Ministry stands beside everyone, “we are in front of security services that work day and night in order to achieve a basic goal of maintaining security and serving the citizen.”

He pointed out that everyone who visited the Gaza Strip during the past years, Arabs and foreigners, praised the state of security and stability, which is comparable to the most stable countries.

No Organized Crime

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Security stressed that the Interior Ministry cannot ignore any security or criminal offense, as it investigates every crime, in order to uncover its circumstances and bring the perpetrators to justice, pointing out that this resulted in the Gaza Strip being free from manifestations of organized crime, or crimes against unknown.

He warned that the Interior Ministry is facing great challenges from the opponents and enemies of the Palestinian people, whether the occupation or its supporters, in the context of compromising the security reality, adding that: “However, the security and police services are always ready, and in a state of vigilance and alertness for anyone who tries to undermine security and stability.”

He explained that when any security event occurs, an assessment is carried out to reinforce and build on strengths, and address any defects that occur.

Major General Abu Naim praised the training and development process in the ministry, and said: “We are in a state of continuous training and development for cadres of police and security agencies, so that we maintain the level of security performance, in line with the difficulty of challenges throughout our years of work.”

He added, “We have the University College of Rabat, which works according to a scientific methodology to graduate competent officers in police and legal work, in addition to the training directorate, which is responsible for holding training and professional courses in all areas of specialization.”

Abu Naim indicated that many of the Ministry’s employees have been sent to specialized courses outside the Gaza Strip, to gain knowledge and experience in the legal, policing, and civil defense fields.

Border Control

With regard to securing and controlling borders, Major General Abu Naim confirmed that there is a great control of the sea and land borders of the Gaza Strip, in cooperation and coordination between the Ministry’s agencies and the resistance.

He pointed out that the Interior Ministry is making great efforts to secure the southern border, as it is linked with Egypt, stressing the ministry’s great concern for the continuation and strengthening of the security situation on those borders.

He continued, saying: “The Ministry has worked to develop the border area through the security constructions it has undertaken, and to provide all the necessary capabilities for that.”

Concerning the eastern, northern, and maritime borders; Major General Abu Naim mentioned that there is a cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and the Palestinian resistance in securing it, as the occupation stands on the other side of it, pointing out that all capabilities are taken in this.

He added: “There is a high level of border control in the Gaza Strip, and internal security control due to the security forces’ solidarity with all classes of society, and with the Palestinian resistance.”

Securing Elections

On securing the expected electoral process next May, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior and National Security said that the leadership of the ministry has directed all the competent authorities to take the necessary measures.

He added, “The task of securing the electoral process has been assigned to the police, provided that all agencies and departments support it with all their capabilities so that they can carry out their duty to the fullest.”

He pointed out that the ministry will work to create all appropriate conditions for holding general elections in the Gaza Strip, securing polling stations, the headquarters of election committees, monitoring committees, and the movement of upcoming delegations.

Facing COVID-19

After more than a year of facing the Corona pandemic in the Gaza Strip, Major General Abu Naim pointed out that Gaza has come the most important way in facing the pandemic, through close cooperation between all government agencies, especially the ministries of health, interior and social development.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Interior has provided all its capabilities and efforts to protect society, prevent the epidemic from escalating, and support the health system.

Major General Abu Naim described the stage of facing the pandemic as one of the most difficult stages that the Ministry of Interior went through during its years of work, adding that the ministry was able to present a civilized image, through the measures that were taken to avoid the risks of the spread of the epidemic.
Abu Naim warned of the continuing spread of the pandemic, calling on the Palestinian community to remain in a state of alert.

With the recent rise in the epidemiological curve, Abu Naim indicated that this raises the alarm again, stressing the importance of not lacking in preventive measures, “so as not to destroy what we have built over the past year.”

He pointed out to the Ministry of the Interior in a state of continuous follow-up and consultation with the Ministry of Health in assessing the epidemiological situation, “and does not hesitate to take any measures aimed at preserving the lives and safety of citizens.”

Regarding the possibility of taking new tightening measures, Major General Abu Naim explained that there is a continuous assessment of the epidemiological situation with the Ministry of Health and that instructions have been directed at the present time to the police and security services, to follow up the tightening of preventive measures in all sectors.

(Source / 30.03.2021)

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