Palestinian worker severely injured while chased by occupation forces

Days of Palestine – Jenin – A Palestinian worker was severely injured today, Sunday, after he fell on the ground while being chased by the Israeli occupation forces near the Israeli apartheid barrier, to the west of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Local sources reported that Mahmoud Yasser Qasrawi (24 years), from Masliah village, south of Jenin, was bleeding in the head after falling while pursuing him from the Israeli occupation forces near the Apartheid Wall, west of Jenin.

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The family of the young Qasrawi said that he suffered a severe hemorrhage in the head after he fell while the occupation soldiers chased him and a group of workers yesterday evening, near the village of Rumana, west of the city.

The family indicated that he was transferred immediately to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus, and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

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Workers are subjected to harassment and persecution by the Israeli occupation forces while trying to reach their workplaces.

The Apartheid Wall, which the occupation began constructing in 2004, destroyed large areas of agricultural land in the West Bank and confiscated 164,780 dunums.

The wall violates the basic rights of nearly a million Palestinians, forcing thousands of them to obtain special permits from the occupation forces to allow them to continue living and moving between their homes and their lands.

(Source / 29.03.201)

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