Israeli media says undercover soldiers infiltrated into PA Ministry, stole documents

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Israeli channel 13 revealed that an Israeli undercover unit infiltrated into a PA Ministry and stole documents.

The Israeli channel reported that a group of undercover soldiers, who live in illegal settlements, believed that the situation in the West Bank has been changing as the Palestinian Authority is building Palestinian projects in the occupied territory. So, they decided “to do something and reveal the Palestinian projects for the public”.

According to the channel, after the soldiers got to know each other, they started preparing fake IDs and stories. A Lebanese spy called Ilias took part in the operation.

The report added that the unit disguised as a foreign media outlet. Ronet, one of the soldiers, said “Me, the cameraman, the Belgian channel manager, and those who were guarding men, we were all speaking Arabic”.

The unit targeted Jihad Rabi’a, who is responsible for the PA’s plans in C areas, according to the channel. The report described him as the person, who is responsible for using millions of dollars donated from the EU and turn them into real projects.

Ronet called the Ministry of Local Government to ask about Jihad and she also talked to the Minister.

“When the Minister asked me who I was, I said I’m a journalist working for a Belgian media outlet as a correspondent in Palestine and that I want to make a report to increase the EU support coming to Palestine”, she said.

“We found out that the Europeans simply ignore the Israeli sovereignty [on the West Bank]”, she added.

(Source / 29.03.2021)

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