Turkey condemns Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes

Ankara (QNN)- Turkey has condemned the demolition, evacuation, and confiscation of Palestinian property by Israeli occupation in the occupied territories.

“Israel’s recent decisions of forced eviction, demolition and confiscation targeting Palestinians in the occupied territories, in particular in the Sheikh Jarrah district of East Jerusalem, are the latest examples of Israeli steps in violation of international law,” said the Turkish Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Turkey government organization

Press Release Regarding the Evacuation, Demolition and Confiscation of Palestinian Property by Israel in the Occupied Territories



“These illegal acts clearly demonstrate that Israel intends to consolidate its occupation rather than aiming for peace.”

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the acceleration of such steps by Israel at a time when the Palestinians are fighting against the adverse conditions created by the Covid-19 epidemic “further hurt everyone’s conscience.”

It called on the international community to show solidarity with the Palestinians against Israel’s expansionist policies.”

Turkey has long been a strong supporter and defender of the rights and the cause of the Palestinians.

In 2018, Turkey asked the Israeli ambassador to leave over Israel’s attacks against Palestinians in Gaza and Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Turkey always condemns the illegitimate practices of ‘Israel’ towards the Palestinians and also the settlements policy.

Also, it always calls on the international community to put pressure on ‘Israel’ to end its actions which violate the international law.

(Source / 20.03.2021)

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