Israeli navy targets Palestinian fishing boats off Gaza coast

Days of Palestine – Gaza – Today, Sunday, Israeli occupation navy boats fired bullets at the fishermen’s boats and opened water hoses towards them off the sea of ​​Gaza City and Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

Local sources reported that the occupation navy soldiers fired bullets and opened water hoses at the fishermen’s boats, which are about three miles off the sea of ​​the Sudania area northwest of Gaza City, causing damage to at least one boat.

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He added that the occupation navy fired shots at the fishermen’s boats off the coast of Khan Yunis, and opened water cannons towards them, about six nautical miles away, without reporting any injuries among the fishermen who were forced to get out of the sea.

Fourteen years following the Israeli “disengagement” from Gaza, Israel has not actually disengaged from Gaza; it still maintains control of its land borders, access to the sea and airspace.

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(Source / 15.03.2021)

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