Report: 31 violations against Palestinian women journalists in 2020

The Committee to Support Journalists documented 31 violations against women journalists working in the Palestinian territories during 2020.

In a press release, the committee stated that 9 female journalists were arrested, detained, and summoned several times in the same year.

The journalists identified as Mays Abu Ghosh, Bushra al-Tawil, Sundus Owais, Hanin al-Helou, Christine al-Rinawi, and the poet Rania Hatem twice.

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The judgment of three female journalists was also postponed who identified as Mays Abu Ghosh twice, and Bushra al-Tawil and the journalist Sundus Aweys were deported twice from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation attacked two female journalists, who identified as Hanin Al-Helou and Raneen Sawafta, and stormed the homes of two other journalists, identified as Rania Hatem “twice” and Layla Harsha.

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The committee indicated that the Israeli occupation demolished the home of the journalist Widad Al-Barghouti, and threatened and incited three journalists, identified as Christine Al-Rinawi and Heba Al-Khodari.

In addition, the Israeli occupation forced journalists to pay financial fines who identified as Kristin al-Rinawi, Mays Abu Ghosh, and Rania Hatem.

This is in addition to obstructing the work of dozens of female journalists from performing their professional work, including threats and insults at them, and preventing two female journalists from working in the city of Jerusalem who identified as  Sondus Owais and Christine Al-Rinawi.

Israeli occupation also confiscated the journalist’s card as a reconciliation gift, and prevented the journalist, Safinaz Al-Louh, from the Gaza Strip from traveling for medical treatment abroad.

(Source / 08.03.2021)

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