Report: Israeli occupation arrested 134 citizens and carried out 20 demolition operations in Jerusalem in February

Days of Palestine – Jerusalem – Data published by the “Europeans for Jerusalem” group showed that the “Israeli” occupation authorities committed more than 467 violations in occupied Jerusalem during February 2021.

The monthly report on violations prepared by the group confirmed (13) patterns of human rights violations, on top of which were the raids (31.9%), followed by arrests (28.7%).

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He pointed out that the escalation of occupation attacks came at a time when the US Senate approved on February 5 to keep the United States embassy in occupied Jerusalem, with the support of 97 members and the opposition of 3 members of the Democratic Party.

The decision added that the American trends in support of the occupation do not change with the arrival of President Joe Biden to the White House, which was confirmed by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on February 9, announcing that the administration of the new US president Joe Biden will continue to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli occupation entity.

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The report documented during this month (36) a shooting incident and a direct assault by the “Israeli” occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the injury of a young man in the excessive use of force without any justification, and dozens were suffocated due to tear gas, and recorded (8) cases in which citizens were subjected to beating and severe violence from the occupation forces.

The report also documented 149 incursions in towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem by the Israeli occupation, during which 134 citizens were arrested, including 18 children and 9 women and girls, summoning 8 people, and imposing house arrest on 8 citizens at least.

The report also monitored 20 demolitions in occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the demolition of 8 homes and 8 commercial establishments, most of which were self-demolished which led to the displacement of dozens of citizens.

During this month, Israeli settlers carried out incursions throughout the days, with the exception of Friday and Saturday, and the number of settlers who stormed Al-Aqsa reached 1987.

In August, the Israeli authorities issued 29 deportation decisions against the Palestinian worships from Jerusalem.

The Israeli army forces set up 13 permanent checkpoints in occupied Jerusalem and dozens of flying checkpoints that stopped the citizens as they passed through and harassed them.

During this month, the Israeli occupation forces also set up 36 surprise checkpoints in the streets and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which they arrested citizens, searched them, and checked their identity cards.

Muhammad Hanoun, president of “Europeans for Jerusalem,” confirmed that the “Israeli” occupation authorities are escalating their attacks in the occupied city, to impose a fait accompli, consecrate Judaization, and change the demographic reality in the city.

He added that the demolitions carried out by the Israeli occupation forces are part of a systematic policy to forcibly displace Palestinians, with the aim of changing the demographic character of the occupied city; stressing that these actions amount to a war crime.

He called for action by the international community to protect the Palestinians in Jerusalem from the grave violations they face from the occupation and the extremist settlers.

(Source / 05.03.2021)

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